Peerspace to Begin Offering Photographers á la Carte Services

This is good news for those who want to customize their photo shoot experience while in a Peerspace rental property.

Peerspace likes to call themselves the Airbnb for creative professionals who need studios and shoot locations in cities far and wide. Now, they’re hoping to take their business to the next level by offering renters the chance to add unique services to the rental property of their choice. If you like to go above and beyond for your clients while on location, you might want to read more about this cool new feature from Peerspace after the break.

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These Media Companies Condone Unsplash Blindsiding Photographers

Once again, it’s time to call out a rights grab when we see one.

We at the Phoblographer have already spent a lot of our energy talking about how and why Unsplash is profoundly detrimental to our industry. While they are not the only company to engage in rights grabs, or run the only contest guilty of blatant copyright obtainment, they are undeniably one of the worst, most unapologetic perpetrators. If you’re not presently aware of the danger they pose to photographers and working professionals for any reason, here are the main takeaways to know. Continue reading…