Alice Camera Is Hoping to Make Your Photography Almost Effortless

“A drive to embrace new technology and change,” answers data scientist and CEO of Alice Camera, Vishal Kumar, when queried about what sets Alice Camera apart from other camera companies. He found that existing mirrorless cameras were too cumbersome and decided that a shift was needed in the camera industry. This stirred up multiple ideas in his head, which eventually led to the creation of the Alice Camera. We caught up with Vishal and his team for an exclusive interview about the upcoming camera and an insight into the AI algorithm it uses to produce pictures.

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Could AI Photography Kill Our Industry? It May Be Possible

The world is continuously worried about the influence of artificial intelligence (AI). But it could never replace photographers, right?

You should be familiar with AI; you use it every day. It’s in the store, your computer, even in your car. AI has advanced so much over the past 20 years it’s now able to do many tasks once reserved for humans. For the most part, AI has replaced low-skilled jobs. But could it replace the role of a photographer? In a recent interview with Feature Shoot, tech journalist Greg Scoblete spoke about the impact AI may have on the photography field in the future.

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