Fast, Affordable Primes Were the Most Popular Lenses During Feb 2021

It’s that time of the month where we look at the gear you, our readers, have been snapping up. This roundup will focus on the most popular lenses for February 2021. If you’re interested in seeing which cameras have been finding new homes during February, check out this post. We’ve been seeing a trend over the last few months here at The Phoblographer. Fast, affordable primes are incredibly popular, especially for Sony Mirrorless cameras. This is really not surprising. The quality of even the most affordable lenses has gone through the roof in recent times. So, lets, dive in and see the most popular lenses for February 2021.

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5 Bargain Lenses For Beginner Landscape and Cityscape Photographers

New landscape and cityscape photographers who don’t want to break the bank should check out these value-priced lenses.

If you want to join the ranks of landscape and cityscape photographers affordably, this roundup is for you. Landscape and cityscape photography are genres that many new photographers jump into first. There are dozens of opportunities to create great images all around you. If you’re here, though, by now, you’ll understand the importance of ditching your kit lens. When it comes to gear, nothing will improve your work faster than a new lens. The good news is that there are tons of fantastic, weather-sealed lenses for these genres that won’t destroy your wallet. After the break, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite affordable weather-sealed lenses. These lenses will serve landscape and cityscape photographers well.

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5 Cheap, Cheerful, and Utterly Great Prime Lenses You Shouldn’t Overlook

E Mount Lenses

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How much do you have to spend to get prime lenses that will do a top job for you? $1,000? $2,000? $3,000? More? Nope, think lower, as in hundreds, not thousands of dollars. Modern manufacturing processes and advances in technology have made it so that affordable prime lenses can do a spectacular job. Sure, these more affordable prime lenses might not have the very best, tippy-top optics, but they’re still fantastic. They might not have weather sealing (although some do), and they may be made from plastics (but so are some lenses that cost thousands). But, the five prime lenses we’re going to share after the break are more than good enough for most photographers out there. We’re positive you’ll love the images you create with them.

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If Not for Third-Party Lenses, Photography Would Have Died Long Ago

rokinon lenses

Thanks to third party lenses, photography is still within reach for those of us who don’t have the deepest pockets.

Come, look at our new super-fantastic lens! It’s the widest, fastest, fattest lens in the universe. You need it to be a pro, and it will only cost you a few thousand dollars! Sound familiar? It’s not uncommon for first party lenses from the likes of Canon, Sony, Nikon, and others to cost close to $3,000 these days, and because of this, many photographers are being priced out of certain systems. The photography market is in decline for sure, but if it wasn’t for third party lenses, photography would have died altogether a long time ago.

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Like Wallet-Friendly Glass? See Our Updated List of Affordable Lenses

Affordable lenses have come a long way in terms of optics and build quality, and now, more than ever, cheap and affordable doesn’t mean bad.

There was a time when buying affordable lenses meant that you gave something up. You either purchased an affordable lens that had excellent optics and questionable build quality, or you got a cheap lens that was built like a tank but suffered in the optics department. All of that has now changed, though. These days you can get lenses that cost well under $1,000, and quite a few under $500 that absolutely redefine that affordable lenses mean. We’ve just updated our affordable lens list to include new offerings from both first and third-party manufacturers so that you can see all of the great deals out there in one easy to find location. For more details about the update, head on past the break.

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Under $1000: The Affordable 85mm Primes That Are Bokeh Beasts

If you are planning to jump into the world of portrait photography, you might want to check out these affordable 85mm primes.

There is a huge misconception about portrait photography (and many other genres of photography) that you need to spend boatloads of cash on very fast lenses to be able to create portraits that will stun people: this simply isn’t true. There are 85mm primes on the market that produce razor-sharp images with stunning bokeh that won’t break the bank, but these lenses are often overlooked. If you are planning to get into portrait photography, don’t let photography elitists make you believe that you need to spend thousands. Trust us when we say that the 85mm primes we share with you after the break are more than good enough for most.

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If You Just Got a Nikon Camera, Check Out These Affordable Lenses First

If you just picked up your first Nikon DSLR or a new Mirrorless Z camera, you need to check out these affordable lenses.

It’s exciting when you get your first camera; whether it be a DSLR or a Mirrorless model, you will be able to create beautiful images with it. While the cameras themselves are great, they are nothing without lenses. There is a good chance that the camera you purchased came with kit lenses, and while these are good lenses, you will find that you outgrow them rather quickly. Fortunately, there are a ton of great, affordable lenses for Nikon cameras that will seriously impress you with their quality and overall performance. After the break, we will share with you a few affordable lenses that you should take a closer look at if you want to expand your collection of glass.

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Around $500: 7 Primes for Sony E Mount That Overperform

rokinon lenses

These Sony E Mount lenses perform miracles and prove that you don’t have go bankrupt to own one.

There are many photographers who scoff at the idea of purchasing cheap lenses. These photographers also look down upon anyone who uses anything but glass that can cost thousands of dollars. They believe that in order to create mind-blowing images you must spend beyond your means to get truly fantastic glass, but that is so far from the truth. The Sony E Mount system has been blessed with many first and third-party lenses capable of producing razor sharp images with gorgeous colors for around $500. After the break, we will take a look at seven Sony E Mount prime lenses that perform well above their weight. Continue reading…