Teresa Hoang Looks for Quality Expressions When Taking Photos

“When I am photographing people in my own community I tend to think of them already being a part of my life,” says Vietnamese American photographer and design student Teresa Hoang. Family and community play central roles in her life, and she seeks to capture them as uniquely as she can. It’s all about connecting with the subject for this young photographer. And producing visually pleasing images are the natural outcome.

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Zayira Ray Enjoys Telling Unique AAPI Stories with Her Photos

“It is more important than ever for Asian-Americans to be seen,” opines Indian-American Zayira Ray about the increasing marginalization of her broader community in recent times. Using photography and visual arts talent, she creates unique photo projects. With a common theme underlying most of them, she tells us more about what drives her passion to break stereotypes.

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Binly Documents the Often Forgotten Stories of Lao Americans

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“as Lao people, we often think about what home and homeland means to us”, says the multi-award-winning poet, dancer and photographer Krysada ‘Binly’ Phounsiri. “Bridging those connections in the medium of photography and art is an avenue I feel strongly for.” We’ve featured his wonderful work before. This time, Binly’s focus is on the history of Laotian Americans and people of Lao descent living in the US. He hopes to highlight the decades-long experience of their diaspora using his artistic talents as a photographer. Via an online project titled Secret No More, an Expression of Humanity, he plans to have these images in a gallery in San Diego when the pandemic situation becomes more favorable.

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