How My Journey For a Perfect Camera Landed me on Pentax’s Doorstep

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I left team Canon after 17 years, and my journey to find the perfect camera for myself took me far and wide before I finally made it home.

We are always in search of the perfect camera. We read reviews, we watch videos, we drool over spec sheets, and we marvel at all the things that modern cameras can do. It is so easy to get caught up in the the new camera spec wars these days that it can be easy to take a wrong turn down the camera highway. After leaving behind Canon and their cameras after 17 years of use, I embarked on a journey to find the perfect camera for me, and it led me down a long dusty road to the last place I ever would have imagined. Pentax. Continue reading…

Sony Overtakes Nikon in the Full Frame Interchangeable Lens Camera Market

This morning, Sony announced some very big news: they’ve grown to the point where they now are in the #2 position over Nikon in sales of full-frame interchangeable lens cameras. This is incredible news as many companies are shrinking in some ways but Sony is continuing to show growth. Earlier on, Nikon announced restructuring after stating that the DL lineup wasn’t coming.

The company’s press release is after the jump.

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