This Purple Leica M6 is Hypnotizing Us With Its Good Looks

The Leica M6 is already quite in high demand, but this purple variant takes it over the top.

The Leica M6 is probably one of the most famous cameras the company ever made. Heck, Leica even commissioned us to create a post about some of the best lenses for it. It’s quite honestly the perfect Leica film camera in so many ways. It’s got a lot of features that make it within reach of anyone who picks it up. But anytime you give it a facelift, you’re bound to drive the hype up. So we found this Purple Leica M6. Suddenly, I could’ve sworn that the Kool-aid guy crashed through my wall filled with purple Kool-Aid. He screamed “Oh yeah!” at me. But then I realized that none of that happened. Instead, I was listening to the sound of my own beating heart.

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