Beautiful Budget Bokeh: 5 85mm Primes Under $800 That Will Amaze You

E Mount Lenses

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Beautiful bokeh for under $800!?! Is that even possible? You bet it is. Sometimes, you can get beautiful bokeh for well under that price too! There are those out there who believe you have to spend over four figures to produce portraits with buttery smooth bokeh. However, this is not the case, and it hasn’t been for some time now. If you’re a portrait photographer who is just starting out or who simply knows that you don’t have to spend crazy money to get good quality, these 85mm primes are for you. After the break, we will share five 85mm primes that will render creamy goodness on a budget.

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Which Is Best for Portraits? 50mm or 85mm Prime Lenses? Let’s Find Out

It’s a trick question as both prime lenses are great, but you need to know when to use each one and what their strengths are.

There are two prime lenses that both new and seasoned portrait photographers will always reach for, and they are 50mm primes and 85mm primes. Both of these lenses have great qualities, and even though the focal range is not massively different, they will both produce vastly different results and they both have the best use cases. After the break, we will take a quick look at both lenses and help you understand when each should be used.

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85mm Prime Lenses: Sony Portrait Photographers Are Spoiled for Choice

Lens deals - Rokinon 85mm f1.4

When it comes to Sony’s E mount, there are 85mm prime lenses that will suit every portrait photographer’s budget.

If you pay attention to the news at all, you’ve seen that Sigma just announced a new version of their 85mm f1.4 Art lens for Mirrorless cameras (Sony E and L Mount Alliance). This got us thinking. Users of Sony cameras are spoiled for choice when it comes to 85mm prime lenses, and the new Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG DN is going to come up against some pretty fantastic lenses that are already available. We’ve decided to take a quick look at the 85mm prime lenses for Sony’s E mount we have reviewed in the past that fit all photographers’ budgets so that you can decide if the new $1,199 Sigma worth a closer look.

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The Best 85mm Lenses for Pro Portrait Photographers (That Bokeh!)

85mm is the sweet spot for portrait photographers, and these 85mm prime lenses are some of the best around.

There are lots of lenses on the market that are considered portrait lenses, but the 85mm focal length is perhaps the sweet spot for portrait photographers. This focal length sits nicely between 50mm and 135mm offerings, and it gives photographers the ability to either capture great 3/4 length shots, or beautiful headshots. The 85mm prime lenses we have listed after the break are some of our favorites across multiple platforms: we’re sure portrait photographers everywhere, whether new to the genre or well decorated, will love the performance of them. Continue reading…