Pick One! The Best 28mm Lens for Vintage Lovers!

The 28mm lens isn’t the most popular focal length. And in our eyes this is a shame. For some of us, it resembles how we see the world. To that point, a lot of them can look the same. But there are a few key gems that have put some extra twinkle in our eyes. Here’s our list of the best 28mm lenses for vintage lovers. And yes, we’re going for the vintage renders.

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3 Affordable M-Mount Lenses to Adapt to Your Camera

The cool thing about Leica M-mount is how versatile the lens lineup is. It’s easy to get many of them used at great prices. But it’s also very possible to score M-mount lenses from other manufacturers for extremely affordable prices. Lucky for you, we’ve reviewed tons of M-mount lenses by Leica and lots of other manufacturers too. So we’re rounding up a bunch that are affordable and we think you’ll really like.

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Review: 7Artisans 28mm f1.4 (This Lens Belong on a Film Camera)

The 7Artisans 28mm f1.4 is a reminder that cheap lenses are just an impulse buy for photographers.

If you look around on Instagram and at reviews of the 7Artisans 28mm f1.4 on the web, I’m very positive that the reviewers got a free copy of the lens and hyped it up. I’m even convinced that they’ve done excess editing to the images. But I bought mine with my own money. This has to be one of the most disappointing lenses that I’ve bought from 7Artisans. I purchased the company’s 50mm f1.1 and was given the 35mm f2 for free. Both of those lenses were pretty good. But the 7Artisans 28mm f1.4 is disappointing when shooting with it wide open and adapted to Sony. It only starts to become really worth anything when stopped down past f2.8. However, I’ll state that it has a look–and that look is best achieved on a Leica. It’s nothing compared to a proper Leica lens, and I doubt that the optics are even designed in the same way. But this purchase was a reminder to me that cheap lenses are often an impulse buy. Was I expecting Leica quality? Heck no. I wasn’t even expecting Voigtlander quality. But I was expecting the lens to be better than others on the market when adapted to Sony. Yet somehow or another, this lens absolutely sung to the heavens on Leica bodies.

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