Some of the Best Lenses for Concert Photography for 2018

Using the right lens can take your concert photography from so-so to so awesome!

Concert photography is a fun way to get cool shots but it’s not as easy as you might think. Yes, the lighting is done for you and the performers are doing the performing for you, and yes, you do need to capture a lot of frames, but with concert photography the lens will make the biggest difference for any photographer.

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LensTag: The Nikon D7000 Was the Most Stolen Camera of 2013


Own a Nikon D7000? Well according to the latest infographic from Lenstag, either lots of D7000 owners were careless or thieves really want one–but in this case it seems like many. According to the infographic above, the D7000 was the most stolen camera of 2013. Interestingly enough though, Canon lenses were stolen the most. The latter makes a ton of sense: when I was a former pit shooter, photographers would very often misplace their lenses or things would end up just gone. Otherwise though, the 70-200mm f2.8 L IS II is still also a very sought after lens that is quite expensive and yields wonderful image quality.

We did an interview earlier this year with the guys at Lenstag, and you should check it out to see how your gear can be protected.

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Nikon Announces a 70-200mm f4 Lens For Enthusiasts

For those photographers out there who want to upgrade from their variable aperture zoom to a constant, now have an option without shelling out the big bucks for the f2.8 model. Today Nikon has announced their first constant f4 70-200mm lens in long long time. This lens isn’t just cheaper, its also lighter (850 g/30.0 oz.) and features a new third generation Vibration Reduction can also offer the equivalent of a shutter speed 5 stops faster.

The new lens offers some pretty impressive MTF charts and features Nikon’s Nano Coating which reduces flare. The camera can AF up to 3.3 feet away from a subject and can also work with 2x teleconverters when attached to a compatible camera body. The lens has a smaller 67mm filter ring on the front of the lenses 20 elements in 14 groups featuring 3 ED glass elements.

You may have noticed that odd bare spot near the rear of the lens, that’s where the mising tripod collar ring should be, it sadly is not included with the lens and can be had at the price of $224 seen here. More information can be found on Nikon’s website here and here. You can find the lens now available at $1,399 for preorder here.