Fast Fifties: 5 Beautiful 50mm Primes That Are Niftier Than Most

There are some truly gorgeous 50mm primes on the market.

Thousands of photographers around the globe absolutely love 50mm primes, and for good reasons. These primes are incredibly versatile and great for many photography genres, including street, portraiture, documentary photography, and more. While you can get your hands on relatively inexpensive 50mm primes with decently fast apertures, the ones we’re looking at here today at the pick of the crop. After the break, we’re going to take a quick look at five ultra-fast 50mm primes that will allow you to work magic in low light situations and that will create beautiful bokeh.

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Rain Or Shine, These Great 50mm Primes Will Be Fine

Canon EOS R

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If you need your photography gear to be tough and ready for anything, weather sealed lenses are a must. Fortunately, many lenses now feature weather sealing, as do many cameras. If you love the look that 50mm primes give you, these weather sealed options will be perfect for you. These five lenses will keep out the rain, the snow, blowing dust, and just about anything Mother Nature can throw your way. So, if you need a 50mm prime lens that can take on the elements, check out five of our favorites for the job after the break.

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Which Is Best for Portraits? 50mm or 85mm Prime Lenses? Let’s Find Out

It’s a trick question as both prime lenses are great, but you need to know when to use each one and what their strengths are.

There are two prime lenses that both new and seasoned portrait photographers will always reach for, and they are 50mm primes and 85mm primes. Both of these lenses have great qualities, and even though the focal range is not massively different, they will both produce vastly different results and they both have the best use cases. After the break, we will take a quick look at both lenses and help you understand when each should be used.

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9 Top Drawer 50mm Prime Lenses for Photographers Who Want the Best

These 50mm prime lenses are the cream of the crop.

When it comes to prime lenses, none are celebrated more than the old trusty nifty fifty. 50mm prime lenses are loved by photographers thanks to their exceptional ability to comfortably shoot most genres of photography. We have picked nine fantastic 50mm prime lenses that seriously impressed us during our time with them. There is simply no doubt in our minds that every photographer should have a 50mm prime in their collection, and if you’re the type who needs to have the best of the best, you should take a closer look at the 50mm prime lenses listed after the break.

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New to Portrait Photography? Check Out These Affordable 50mm Primes

These incredibly affordable 50mm lenses are all you need to get started in the world of portrait photography. 

Photography is an incredible art to get involved with, but it can also be one of the most expensive. We are inundated by people and YouTube channels advising that you MUST use the most expensive lenses in order to be a pro or get pictures worth anything. This is simply not true. If you’re a photographer considering portrait photography, you’ll be pleased to know there are affordable 50mm lenses that create sharp images and produce all the bokeh you need. After the break, we have listed some of our favorite 50mm lenses for portrait photography that won’t make your wallet cry. Continue reading…

9 50mm Prime Lenses with Performance That’s Bigger Than Their Prices

The performance of these 50mm prime lenses is higher than their low price tags would suggest.

From the very start of many journeys in our lives, we’re told, ” you get what you pay for.” Yes, this does ring true with some things: there is no denying that. But it doesn’t apply to absolutely everything. These 50mm prime lenses are (excuse the pun) a prime example of this. The budget (under $400) 50mm prime lenses we have listed in this roundup punch well above their weight. Honestly, they are good enough to not only be used by first-time prime buyers, but also by those who have been around the shutter a few times. Check out our favorite budget 50mm prime lenses after the break. Continue reading…

8 Premium 50mm Prime Lenses for Photographers Who Demand More

If you’re on the hunt for 50mm prime lenses that will wow you, look no further than the ones we have listed here.

When it comes to prime lenses, none are celebrated or talked about more than the trusty nifty fifty. 50mm prime lenses are loved by photographers thanks to their exceptional ability to be able to comfortably shoot just about any genre you can think of. We have picked eight premium 50mm prime lenses that impressed us during our time with them. These lenses will help you see why this focal length is adored by photographers around the globe. Whether you’re new to photography, or you’ve been around the focus ring a few times, you should have a 50mm prime in your collection. These versatile lenses are great for street photography, landscapes, portrait photography, event photography, wedding photography, and documentary work. The field of view in 50mm prime lenses is to close to what most (but not all) people see with their own eyes. This is just one of the reasons that make images shot with these lenses so pleasing.

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