Want More Nikon D7100 Night Photos? Here You Go!

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Nikon D7100 2nd night image samples (3 of 18)ISO 56001-60 sec at f - 1.8

The other night, we gave you all our first impressions of the Nikon D7100. Tonight, I went out with the new 50mm f1.8 G attached to the camera and shot around my neighborhood. Here are the images. These are JPEG out of the camera and then resized for the web to be just under 2MB–which is not anything larger than what you might upload to Facebook. And if you are, then you’re probably the reason why their servers need complicated cooling systems 😉

Take a look after the jump. All of the EXIF data is in tact and the settings are in the filenames–and yes there are high ISO samples. Noise reduction is set to normal and once again, Lightroom does not support the RAW files for this camera at the time of publishing this post.

This post is sponsored by Adorama as they have loaned us the unit for this review. You can purchase the Nikon D7100 body only or with kit lens directly from them. Also be sure to see our photos shot during the Golden Hour.

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