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Review: Think Tank Wired Up 20

Think Tank Multi Media Wired Up 20 Belt Bag, fully loaded.

The perfect camera bag provides heaps of protection, easy access to gear, comfortable carrying, adjustability to compartments and be the right size for everything you need. Although I had a good look at and considered purchasing a Think Tank bag about 18 months ago, it was at the Digital Life photography show in Melbourne (Australia) about six months ago when I bought my first Think tank bag, a Wired Up 20.

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Review: Tamrac Evolution 8

Tamrac Evolution 8

Tamrac should have called this camera backpack a transformer. The Tamrac Evolution 8 is efficient and versatile. Right out of the box with very little arrangement this camera bag was functional. After a week with this camera bag, you realize how ultra flexible it really is. Using it is very liberating compared to my everyday camera bag which I have to take off when I want to access my camera gear.

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Field Test: BJX Camera Bag

There are times where my Domke F2 camera bag isn’t always needed (full review here.) Because of that, I’ve been on the search for something smaller, lighter and stylish but that still offers enough protection for my equipment. I recently was given a BJX camera bag from Pentax as a gift. For what it’s worth, it isn’t perfect but it sure works better than my messenger bags.

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Field Test: Domke F2

Not long ago, I obtained a secondhand Domke F2 camera bag. At last, I am finally glad to say that I have found THE camerabag to suit my lifestyle, needs, and cost. Granted, I got mine for a very low price—but this camerabag should be in the hands and on the shoulders of any working photographer. Here are some of my findings.

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