Dewey Keithly Did the Coolest Thing with the Fujifilm GFX100

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“The driver was able to reach up to 142 miles per hour,” says Dewey Keithly to us in an email interview. “We mounted the Fujifilm GFX 100 and the Red Komodo to the front of the fastest camera car in Utah on the salt flats…The in-body image stabilization worked flawlessly on the GFX.” I’m sure that if anyone wanted a really cool COVID 19 pandemic photo project, this would be it. I mean, working with the GFX 100 is great. And Dewey says that it’s flawless. But they all worked with a 1966 Porsche 906 LH and the owner/driver. 

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This Cool Looking Pistol Is Actually a Working Vintage Camera

The Doryu 2-16 Flash Camera Pistol Subminiature Camera is an incredibly curious piece of vintage photo history.

For our vintage series, I do a lot of hunting for particular cameras. And when I saw this Doryu 2-16, I gasped. One could say that this is the perfect clickbait. Others might find it genuinely fascinating. Both guns and cameras can shoot. Some folks have an affinity for both–like photographer Dewey Keithly whom with we’ve previously spoken. The camera can be a far more dangerous weapon. But more than likely, it’s taking pictures of whatever tantalizes us. This Doryu 2-16 listing on eBay is one of the rarer types of fusions.

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Here’s What Happens When You Ignite Gunpowder on Printed Photos

All images by Dewey Keithly. Used with permission.

Photographer Dewey Keithly has been a fan of old photographic processes for a really long time, and he’s also always been very experimental with his work. His latest project was a combination of things including a super interesting and creative idea. For his latest project he took color print images and set them ablaze with gunpowder to give off a really unique look.

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Symbolic Tintype Portraits of Everyday Folks and Their Suppressed Weapons


All images by Dewey Keithly. Used with permission.

Photographer Dewey Keithly was born and raised in San Diego, California where he learned to love photography at a young age. It started with getting a camera from his Dad, photography courses, and developing (no pun intended) his documentary-style of photography. Documentary work has taken him to Nicaragua, Mexico, Hawaii, The Phillipines, New York, Las Vegas, many of the Southern states, and his hometown, San Diego. These days, he’s the photo director at Silencer Co out in Salt Lake City; a company that makes suppressors for firearms.

I found his work on Behance, and most recently found his project called #fightthenoise. “t relates to the regulation of suppressors by the ATF by showing these people as The Suppressed.” he tells us. The project was shot with Tin Types and has lots of symbolism behind the series.

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3 Photographers Who Create Beautiful Photos with the Fujifilm GFX Series

These are the folks who love what medium format can do for them.

Fujifilm celebrates a long history in the medium format world. Before the Fujifilm GFX system came around, they were in medium format film. Folks loved Velvia, Astia, Pro 400H, and much more. Those looks and a bunch of others have been brought to the digital photography world, and you can get them through film simulations. You don’t even need to do any major post-production. Just shoot in Classic Negative if you want that look! We talked to a bunch of photographers over the years. Here are some of our favorites using the Fujifilm GFX system.

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