We’ve Updated Our Canon EOS R Review, and It’s a Beast Now

We’ve just updated our Canon EOS R review after a long time. You can see it here. No, Canon hasn’t given it any major new firmware updates for a little while. But instead, Capture One 22 has given the Canon EOS R a whole lot more usefulness. Indeed, it’s truly now one of the cameras no one should sleep on. What’s more, this is truly insane as it’s nearly the end of the life of the Canon EOS R. But in the end, it works almost as well as the Canon EOS R5 for portrait shooters. And if you like to tether, this is going to be a camera that’s very hard to beat.

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The Canon EOS R was introduced back in 2018, and it’s now nearly at the end of it’s life. It got a number of very good upgrades. When firmware 1.4 was introduced, the Canon EOS R leapt forward light-years ahead of what it was. The autofocus performance was suddenly able to hold its own with Sony cameras. As time went on, the firmware and camera just seemed to get even better. In low light, the Canon EOS R is very hard to beat. And for portraiture, it’s still really tough to beat. The autofocus performance is just fantastic and can hold its own with the Canon EOS R5.

That’s part of what makes this update so incredibly fascinating. We didn’t at all think that Capture One 22 would provide support for a camera that old. But sure enough, it did. Wireless tethering is something they touted more for the Canon EOS R5 than they did with the Canon EOS R. However, the Canon EOS R can be an exceptional studio camera to shoot portraits with this new tethering solution. That’s not to say that it wasn’t already, but shooting tethered can make things move a whole lot faster on a production set.

In our update we said:

Update: In December 2021, Capture One 22 gave the Canon EOS R wireless tethering. To do this, you just need to update to the latest firmware and have Capture One 22. Then, using more or less the same process presented in this video, you can tether with Capture One 22.

With this update, the Canon EOS R becomes incredibly powerful. You’ve got a solidly built, weather-resistant camera that can use great lenses like the Canon RF 50mm f1.2 L. You’ll get fantastic image quality when shooting portraits or anything else. And if you find that you can’t afford the Canon EOS R5 but you just want to shoot portraits, you’ve got most of the Canon EOS R5’s functionality right here. When you shoot a photo, it takes a couple of seconds to beam a RAW photo to a computer. For the record, I have Verizon FiOS in NYC with 1GB up and down. I’m shooting to a 2019 iMac fully spec’d out. If you’re one of those newer photographers that machine gun shoots their portraits, you may be disappointed. But if you shoot old-school and shoot a single photo, have a model change the pose, and then shoot and other photo; you’ll be all set.

The Canon EOS R is probably nearly at the end of its life. But realistically, Canon gave us a brand new camera towards the end. We can’t really complain.”

Better yet, the Canon EOS R is at a fantastic price. We invite you to go check out our Canon EOS R review and judge for yourself.

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