Powerful Portrait Photography That Demands Your Attention

Portrait photography is a highly versatile genre. You have the standard “for my Linkedin” headshot right through to the self-analytical self-portrait. Of course, there’s a place for something basic, but they’re never the type of portraits that remain in the viewer’s mind. Instead, it’s the portraits that pushed a little further, explored the possibilities of the unknown, and verge on being bizarre that are remembered. If you’re looking for something that’ll make you say, “I can’t get it out of my mind,” stick with us because you’re in the right place.

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Cameras Used for Portrait Photography

Below are the cameras used by some of the photographers below. You can check them out and purchase your own by following the embedded links. The Phoblographer gets a little kickback from any items purchased via the links. Thank you for your support.

Chinelle Ro Looks Within Through Portrait Photography

Chinelle Ro caught our eye with her self-portrait photography. In 2020, we wrote that it was some of we’ve ever seen. That statement still holds true today. She has an electric series of images, ranging from the cool and colorful to the deep and emotional. Ro isn’t afraid to experiment, and she’s happy to take risks, even if they don’t sometimes work out. She’s had a lot of wins with her portraits, and you can see more of them here.

Evan Baines’ Take on Military Portrait Photography

No matter your politics, it’s hard to deny the strength of the men and women that enter the military. Often seen as heroes, society holds those that risk their lives to protect certain values in very high regard. Photographing them is a delicate process. A photographer doesn’t want to let them down. Evan Baines did an excellent job of photographing members of the military. He highlighted their strength, bravery, and above all, their humanity. Take a look here.

Debabrata Ray Shows Off Beard Game With His Portrait Photography

Gone are the days when the expectation was that men should be clean shaven. Today, whether they’re in the office or not, men have the freedom to express themselves through their facial hair. This advancement has led to some creative takes on beards, and photographer Debabrata Ray made the decision to capture them. You can read about Ray’s motivation for her series, The Beards Project, and how she put it all together by reading her interview here.

Tia Lloyd Documents Skinheads with Her Portrait Photography

UK-based photographer Tia Lloyd focused her lens on a popular British sub-culture, Skinheads. With their Doc Martins and Fred Perry tees, her subjects were the poster boys of a culture that’s remained strong through the decades. Her portrait photography is mainly black and white, allowing the power of the person to grab the attention of those that view her work. It’s a cool series and the kind we would like to see more of. Check out the images here.

James Chororos Likes to Get Environmental

“When you relate with someone you’re about to photograph, it gives you a base level where everyone is more comfortable”, said James Chororos in a recent interview with The Phoblographer. Chororos enjoys placing his subjects in environments as equally compelling as them. Using his medium-format cameras, the results of his efforts are fabulous. You can see more images here.

Send us Your Portraits

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Lead image by Evan Baines. All images used with permission.

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