Derek Fahsbender on How He Intends to Gift Someone a New Camera

On this week’s episode of Inside The Photographer’s Mind, we’re joined by New York-based street photographer Derek Fahsbender (aka Like a Macheen). He kindly took an hour out of his busy schedule to discuss all things photography, including the new release of his latest book, Twenty Twenty. We’ll also cover his relationship with Fujifilm, and why the camera you use is important. It’s a fantastic episode and one you’ll enjoy from start to finish. Below is an overview of what to expect.

Editor in Chief’s Note: We have to address the elephant in the room here. We are aware that Derek Fahsbender is a B&H Photo employee and a Fujifilm Creator; as well as being paid by both companies. We’ve reported on the many wrongs that B&H Photo has done over the years. There’s things like discrimination, tax evasion, and more. As a reminder, they’ve been sued for discrimination many times over the past decade and get away with slaps on the wrist. But, we don’t think everyone who works there are awful. There are people who work there because the company pays them just enough money and health care benefits to make them not want to leave. I, for a few years, was one of those people. And I built my escape out of there with this website. In the podcast, Derek briefly mentions B&H Photo and then moves past it. I can personally relate as years ago I’d tell people I worked theretoo. But then colleagues would say, “No Chris, tell them who you really are.” If this annoys any readers and listeners, I profusely apologize.

Derek Fahsbender on Being Burned Out

We opened the podcast by discussing Derek’s current relationship with photography. After continuing to push hard and create during the initial phases of the pandemic, Derek Fahsbenderr has found himself in a situation where he needs to rest. Burned out and in a creative rut, he’s taking a step back to recharge, spend time with his family, and focus on his other passion, running.

Derek Fahsbender on Creating His Photobook

The main reason to sit down and speak with Derek was to cover his newly released photo book, Twenty Twenty. Initially, he wasn’t going to create the book. He was worried about being “another cliche” in a long list of books that covered the events of 2020.

Relatively speaking, Derek was one of the few people going out and creating photographs. While people made a choice to stay at home and ride out the pandemic, Derek wanted to document what was happening in the world (once he was authorized to do so, of course).

He wanted to create a book that showed everyone at home what New York was like during the pandemic. His aim was to create something authentic: his personal perspective on the world’s events. He did a fantastic job, and it’s worth listening to his full process, which he explains on the podcast. He also discusses how he intends on using a portion of the profits to help get someone started in photography.

On His Relationship With Fujifilm

Derek Faschbender is an official Fujifilm creator and ambassador. Both of us discuss the idea that while the camera is just a tool, it does make an impact on the way a photographer creates their images. After being encouraged by a friend, Derek reached out to Fujifilm and began a symbiotic relationship. After reviewing his work, both parties started a professional relationship. Derek does workshops on behalf of Fujifilm, helping to train photographers so they can create better images.

He explains how being an ambassador does not define him, and while it certainly gave him a confidence boost, creating images and helping others is what really makes him tick.

On Photography and Mental Health

As is often the case on Inside The Photographer’s Mind, we spoke about photography’s impact on a person’s mental health. Derek began photographer during what he describes as “one of the lowest points of his life.” He had lost his job and was out of work for two years. Feeling like everyone in the world around him was succeeding, he hit rock bottom. It was then he decided to begin creating images. During a trip to Utah, he realized photography helped him be happy and it started turning his mental health around. It was a blessing in disguise for Derek, as he now works full time in the photo industry.

Derek is a fantastic guest and has a compelling stor. It’s one of the best shows yet on Inside The Photographer’s Mind, and one you won’t want to miss. Hit play on the video or audio player above and start listening now.

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You can check out more of Derek’s work by visiting his website and Instagram.

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