We All Wanted It. Fujifilm Instax Link Wide Printer Review

Nostalgic and fun? Yes, please! Fujifilm is back with another instant film printer, and it’s sure to be a hit. The Fujifilm Instax Link Wide printer is lightweight and ultra-portable. Its iOS app is simple to use and offers a lot of personalization. As a photographer, I’m most excited about how this will allow me to offer an even better experience for my clients. Keep reading to find out why.

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Fujifilm’s Instax Link Wide instant film printer is easy to use and so much fun. It’s ultra-portable, and the app is user-friendly. People of all ages will enjoy this printer.

Pros and Cons


  • Not much bigger than a CD case
  • Easy to use
  • A great option for mail marketing
  • QR code to send personal messages, sounds, or a link to your portfolio
  • The iOS app has a simple interface
  • So much fun


  • Sketching on a small screen can be challenging
  • Patience is required when adding a lot of stickers and placing them as desired

Gear Used

I used the Instax Link Wide printer with my iPhone 11. It prints on Instax Wide film. I tested it with images created with a Canon 5D Mark III, Leica SL2-s, Fujifilm GFX100s, Fujifilm GFX50s II, and Fujifilm X-T4.

Tech Specs

All specifications are from the manufacturer.

  • Recording method: 3-color exposure with OLED
  • Film used: FUJIFILM INSTAX WIDE Instant Film (sold separately)
  • Number of images: 10 images/pack
  • Image size: 2.4 in. x 3.9 in. / 62 mm x 99 mm
  • Supported image size: 800 x 1260 dots
  • Printing resolution: 12.5 dots/mm (318 dpi) *The image size may affect the sharpness of the finished print *Smartphone type and shooting conditions may affect finished print color tone and quality *Finished print quality may vary from Smartphone image display.
  • Printing levels: 256 levels per color (RGB)
  • Interface: Standard compliance: Bluetooth Ver. 4.2 (BLE)
  • Supported image format: JPEG, PNG, HEIF, DNG
  • Printing time: Image recording – photo output (fed out): Approximately 12 seconds plus 90 second development time *Printing time may vary with file size and Smartphone type
  • Approximate printing capacity: Approximately 100 prints from full charge (number of prints depends on the usage conditions)
  • Power supply: Lithium ion battery (internal type: not removable)
  • Charging time: Approximately 80 to 120 minutes. (Charging time depends on the temperature and battery remaining level)
  • Power consumption: Approximately 3 W
  • Operating environment: Temperature: +41°F to +104°F. Humidity: 20% to 80% (no condensation)
  • Main unit dimensions: 5.5 in. x 5 in x 1.3 in. 139 mm x 127.5 mm x 33.7mm (excluding projecting parts)
  • Supplied accessory: Micro USB cable
  • Available colors: Ash White and Mocha Gray
  • Retail Price: $149.95


The Fujifilm Link Wide smartphone printer is about the size of a cd case and under two inches wide. It is very lightweight and portable. It ships with a small printer stand and USB cable for charging.

There is a Fujifilm light on the front that flashes an array of colors when in use.

Insert the Instax wide film through the back of the printer. A USB-C port is located on the bottom of the printer.

The top is where the film comes out.

Build Quality

The Link Wide smartphone printer is made of plastic. It is thick enough that it is durable and withstands subtle bumps and bruises. The plastic is also very lightweight and easy to clean if it gets dirty. The battery takes about 80 minutes to fully charge while connected to your computer and lasts for about 100 prints.

Ease of Use

Initial Setup

The Instax Link Wide printer is a wireless printer that links to your mobile device. I tested the pre-production model on an iPhone app. It should also be accessible through Mac OX 12 as well as an Apple TV.

To set up the printer, connect it to your computer to charge and turn it on. Then load the pack of film and pair it with your iOS device. The printer will operate while charging. The color of the Power On button can even be personalized from the Setting screen within the app.

Simple Prints

The Link Wide app is very simple to use. You can choose from a simple print, a collage print, or an editable template print. The simple and collage prints are as easy as selecting which format you’d like to start with and then choosing the image(s) from your image gallery.

The app allows you to zoom in and rotate the image by clicking on the crop icon. Select the Correction button to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation levels.

The app has monochrome, sepia, and auto color correction filters to choose from before printing. There is also an “Instax Rich Mode” option for richer colors. I didn’t use it much and found that basic edits were more than adequate for my taste.


You can also add text or smaller characters by clicking on the Text icon. Here you will have access to regular letters and emojis as well as stickers to play with.

I did find using the sticker letters for writing out what I wanted to say a bit challenging at times. I was able to rotate and resize the characters with a bit of patience. It would be easier on a larger device screen and would also be a nice touch if Fujifilm would update the app to allow you to zoom in for these edits. The unit and test app I received are pre-productions, so it is possible this may be updated.

Editable Templates

The editable templates are a lot of fun. The Fujifilm app has a lot of templates that you can choose from and personalize. The above steps are repeated for the rest of the editing process.

QR Code

There is also an option to place a QR code on the finished print. For websites, it prompts you to type in the website and then gathers a screenshot to verify that it is correct.

This is an example of the finished print with a QR code. I found this very fun and would absolutely use this option for marketing promos. Other QR options are recordable sounds, hidden messages, or specific locations. It’s a great added touch.


From there, click the center button to send your creations to the Instax Link Wide printer and watch it come to life. There is a banner at the very top of your app that will keep tabs on how many prints you have remaining in the film pack.

Image Quality

The finished prints of the Instax Link Wide printer is quite good, especially for being printed on Instax wide film. I did notice that the new Nostalgic Neg film simulation prints a bit heavily with green and magenta. If this isn’t to your liking, it’s easy to tone down a bit prior to printing. I also preferred increasing the contrast by about 2 points for black and white images.

I tested images from Canon, Leica, and Fujifilm. I’d say the printer does a great job overall.

Color Accuracy to Screen

The image on the left was captured with a Fujifilm GFX100s. On the right is the Instax Wide print.

The original portrait here was captured with a Fujifilm GFX50s II.

And this final image was captured with a Leica SL2-s.

This is an example of making a photo collage with images captured with a Canon 5D Mark III.

This is the finished result.

I was pretty pleased overall with the prints. That’s an understatement. I had so much fun that I wound up buying another two packs of Instax Wide film!

I thoroughly enjoyed utilizing the Fujifilm app with the GFX50s II I was testing and sending the JPEG image from my phone to the printer. This accessibility offers an entirely new experience for your clients.

Everyone loves the nostalgia of instant film. Now you have a great option to send clients home with their favorite print from your session.

Conclusions of the Instax Link Wide Printer


  • It’s so much fun
  • My clients will love taking home a print from their session
  • The QR code is great for marketing and extra personalization
  • It’s really small and packs up easily into my camera bag
  • It doesn’t need a cell phone signal to operate
  • The app has a great interface


  • I wish the screen would allow you to zoom in when personalizing
  • I would love to see Fujifilm add their film simulations as filters

Fujifilm has yet another great product on its hands. I would love to see them add their film simulations to the optional filters within the app. Other than the minor issues I mentioned above, this is sure to be a popular product. Both professional photographers and enthusiasts will have a blast with the Instax Wide Link.

The Instax Wide Link will provide photographers an extra personal touch during their sessions and their marketing. The QR code is a great bonus and works well. The instant film printer gives a sense of nostalgia that people of all ages are bound to enjoy.

We’re giving the Fujifilm Instax Link Wide printer five out of five stars. Want One? They’re available for $149.95. Check Amazon at the previous link.

Brittany Smith

Brittany is a commercial fashion and portrait photographer working in Montana and NYC. When not behind a camera she can usually be found at a local artisan coffeeshop, writing for photography education sites and publications, teaching fitness classes, or baking something fabulous.