4 Fantastic Cameras for Black and White Photography Purists

The best thing to do is realize that you really love black and white photography. And with today’s cameras, you don’t need to do it in post-production only. Lots of cameras let you apply the settings to the RAW file. And what’s more, some cameras have black and white already baked in. We dove into our reviews index to find the best cameras for Black and White photography. Take a look at these!

Pro Tips for Better Black and White Images

Here are some pro tips on how to get better black and white images from your camera:

  • Lots of cameras have settings that let them produce better black and white photos. That means the manufacturers were thinking about it from the start. Others tell you to do it in post-production.
  • Pick up color filters for your lenses. You’ll be able to get different looks this way.
  • Even though you’re shooting in black and white, your camera sensor is still picking up color data. In post-production, you can tweak the white balance and color channels. The white balance controls overall versatility. And it can affect how things like blues or oranges are rendered. Indeed, these are great cameras for Black and White photography because of how they were designed.
  • All these cameras for Black and White have Wifi built into them. When you’re done, beam the images to your phone and share them on social media. 
  • Lots of brands base their black and white looks off of film. But remember that it’s not like shooting real black and white film. 

Fujifilm X Pro 3: One of the Most Versatile

  • 26.1MP APS-C X Trans Sensor
  • Dual SD Card slots
  • Classic Negative Film simulation mode
  • New Multiple Exposure enhancements
  • Hidden Tilting LCD Screen. 3.0 inch, aspect ratio 3:2, approx. 180 degree tilting 1.62 millions dots touch screen color LCD monitor
  • Reverse Galilean viewfinder with electronic bright frame display
  • 0.5 inch approx. 3.69 millions dots OLED Color Viewfinder (4:3)
  • E-Ink display
  • Weather sealing
  • Titanium Top and bottom plates
  • ISO 160-12,800 standard
  • 4K video
  • USB-C
  • Approx. 497g / 17.5oz (including battery and SD memory card) Approx. 447g / 15.8oz (excluding battery and SD memory card)
  • (W) 140.5mm × (H) 82.8mm × (D) 46.1mm / (W) 5.5in × (H) 3.3in × (D) 1.8in (minimum depth 34.8mm/1.4in)
  • Three colors: Black, Dura Black and Dura Silver

In our review, we state:

“The Fujifilm X Pro 3 is truthfully one of the most innovative cameras to come out this year. Though Sony has been pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation, Fujifilm has been doing things that no one else is. The hidden LCD screen is a brilliant innovation that keeps photographers focused on what’s important. Classic Negative and the addition of the Clarity setting will mean that you’re doing less work in post. The multiple exposure setting is one Sony refuses to return to its cameras. Though Olympus put a smaller battery in a newer camera and promised similar battery performance, Fujifilm is actually able to hold themselves to their claims.”

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Leica Q2 Monochrom: One of the Best Full Frame Cameras for Black and White

  • 47.3MP full frame sensor
  • 3.68MP EVF
  • Protection from dust and water
  • 28mm f1.7 fixed lens with variable frame line options for 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm
  • Optional automatic OIS
  • Base ISO of 50 all the way up to 50,000
  • 10fps mechanical shutter and 20fps with electronic
  • 4K video
  • Touchscreen
  • Bluetooth low energy
  • Made in Germany

In our review, we state:

“The thing I see Leica Q2 Monochrom owners shooting the most is street photography. And for that, it’s a mixed case. First off, you should know that you’re never going to get every shot you want in street photography, and the heartbreak of that is just something you need to live with. Using this camera has reminded me of a few profound quotes that have reverberated in my head during the pandemic.”

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Panasonic S5: Cinematic Quality

  • 24.2MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
  • V-Log, HDR, and Dual Native ISO
  • UHD 4K60 Video, 10-Bit Internal Recording
  • 2.36m-Dot 0.74x-Magnification OLED LVF
  • 4K 60p, 4:2:2 10-bit
  • Anamorphic mode support
  • Slow & Quick Motion including FHD 180fps
  • 96MP High Resolution mode
  • Improved Auto Focus with enhanced Eye/Face/Head/Body detection
  • Dust and Splash Resistant and optimized heat dispersion
  • In-Body Stabilization: 5-Axis Digital

In our review, we state:

“I think that both the advanced photographer and the hobbyist will like the JPEGs from the Panasonic S5. Not only are they highly detailed, but they’re gorgeous. Panasonic has this beautiful vivid color mode that I adore. More importantly, we shouldn’t forget about their L Monochrome modes. By far, L Monochrome D is my favorite option. If you’re a passionate photographer that adores black and white, you’ll like this.”

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Fujifilm X100v: The Camera for Black and White You’ll Always Have with You

  • 26.1 MP APS-C X Trans Sensor
  • Single SDXC UHS1 card slot
  • 14 Bit RAW files
  • 23mm f2 lens (revamped)
  • 3inch LCD screen
  • 3.69MP dot EVF
  • Same EVF/OVF as the X Pro 3
  • USB-C
  • Pretty much the same size as the predecessor

In our review, we state:

“17×22 prints from the Fujifilm X100V are fantastic. Specifically, we printed images at ISO 6400 on the Canon Prograf-1000 and Canson Infinity Baryta Photographique II. They’re well detailed and clean, but we have to admit that we’ve seen prints from full frame sensors that are more detailed. Either way, it’s fine. I just wouldn’t print super duper large. Like, I wouldn’t print something twice your height and width at ISO 6400.”

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