Donato Di Camillo Likes to Focus on Stories most Photographers won’t.

Inside The Photographer’s Mind is back, and this week we speak to Brooklyn-based photographer Donato Di Camillo. He’s made a name for himself in the street photography community, and he’s best known for focusing his lens on stories most other photographers won’t. He’s a colorful character and has no issue with expressing his opinion on various topics within the photo industry. It’s a great hour of photography conversation, and he’s what to expect.

Listen to our interview with Donato Di Camillo right here. And check out Donato’s website right here.

Donato Di Camillo on Early Life

Most of the conversations Donato Di Camillo has covered his past. Rather than focus on his time in prison, we look at how prison does not define him and should certainly not take away or propel his journey as a photographer. Has it influenced him? Of course, but it’s only a small part of who he is. The photos come first.

Donato Di Camillo on Social Media

Social media is a polarizing topic in all walks of society. For photographers, it divides opinions on how useful it is for the overall state of the photo industry and the quality of the work we produce. Donato Di Camillo has currently slowed down his social media presence. While he certainly sees the advantages, he also feels it prevents photographers from being truly authentic.

On Evolving

He’s very much known for his street photography. However, it’s clear Donato Di Camillo is evolving and moving away from the standard candid frame. He enjoys working on projects that most photographers either don’t want to or find difficult to access. At present, he’s working on a series that focuses on people who are victims of knife crime.

Di Camillo feels because of his colorful upbringing and experiences that he’s able to create a genuine connection with his subjects. Whereas others may see such topics as a novelty, a way to make shock-factor work, Di Camillo is better placed to come from a position of empathy.

He’s a genuine man, and it’s clear he wants to get deeply connected to those who have faced adversity or are on the fringes. In his words, “I love the underdog.”

On Influence

Photographers are influenced by their experiences in their life. Those who are connected to their journey are able to transmute that into their work. But aside from his journey, Di Camillo may get his creative side from his father, who sadly passed away four years ago. His father was a self-taught artist and created paintings that suggest he had a deep education in the field.

As always, we’re here for the candid moments on Inside The Photographer’s Mind, and Di Camillo breaks up the conversation by showing us some of the amazing artwork created by his father.

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Thanks again to Donato Di Camillo for speaking with us. Enjoy the show.

Dan Ginn

Dan Ginn is a content writer and journalist. He brings with him five years' experience writing in the photographic niche. During that time he has worked with a range of leading brands, as well as a host of professional photographers within the industry.