Will We See a Sony 28mm F1.8 Lens This Year? Or a G Master?

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There aren’t a lot of 28mm lenses on the market right now. But if you were to make any sort of predictions, a Sony 28mm f1.8 lens would be next up. Alternatively, one might consider a 28mm f1.4 G Master. Something like this would add to the stunning collection of lenses Sony already has. Years ago, I was saying that companies need to offer lots of variations to their lenses. And I still believe that to be the case. But with so many mirrorless options out there, these lenses need to stand out from the pack. So how could another Sony 28mm lens stand out?

There are a few ideas I’ve got brewing. Sony can go in a few different directions here. They’re all variable in terms of predictability. And let’s be honest; the 28mm lens isn’t in as high demand as others. But I argue that this is because there aren’t many good options on the market. They’re handy for everyday photography. 

Sony 28mm f2 Pancake

A sony 28mm f2 pancake lens could be the update to Sony’s 28mm f2 lens. The current one is small but sort of lacks when it comes to image quality. The autofocus and the weather sealing also aren’t that great. But Sony could create something totally different if they make a true pancake lens for their FE system. Just imagine the Sony a7c with a 28mm f2 pancake. How awesome would that be?

Sony 28mm f1.8 G

This is a very likely case for Sony. A Sony 28mm f1.8 G would be a natural setup considering the rest of the company’s lineup. They made a 20mm f1.8 and a 35mm f1.8. A 28mm option seems like a natural idea. They’d also weather seal it to a point, make it small, and engineer all the character out of it.

This could be a lens we would most likely see this year. Sony has already shown us that they like the idea of kooky focal lengths like 40mm. This would be so much better. It would also be a bit more expensive than the current f2 lens (under $500).

Sony 28mm f1.4 G Master

This seems like the option they’ll most likely create. I can imagine Sony making a 24mm f1.4 G Master lens and super engineering the optics to be as clinical as possible. They’d also make it lightweight, fast to focus, and boast how much better it is than others on the market. I know a bunch of photojournalists who really like the 28mm field of view too.

I think a Sony 28mm f1.4 G Master is very possible in the future.

Sony 28mm f1.2 G Master

This would be the best choice. There are no 28mm f1.2 lenses on the market. And I think it’s very possible for Sony to make one. More importantly, I think Sony could do it and not make it anywhere as large as a brand like Sigma would.

What do you think might happen? Could Sony make another 28mm lens? Would we see it this year? What do you think the price would be? How likely is it that we could see a pancake variant? Do you think a 28mm f1.4 G Master lens would sell? Tell us in the comments!

Chris Gampat

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