Want to Review Cameras, Lenses, and More for Us? We’re Hiring!

The Phoblographer is looking for gear reviewers as part of the site’s expansion.

The Phoblographer is looking to bring on two new reviewers. These are paid positions. The ideal candidates will be very knowledgeable in photography, organized, and able to meet deadlines. Why not apply? All the details are below.

Entry Level Reviews Writer (Hiring Only Within the US with No Exceptions)

The Phoblographer requires new Reviews Writers. If you’re in college and need a paid internship, we’ll work with you! If you’re right out of college, we’ll work with you. Ideally, you’ll be reviewing things from cameras, lenses, filters, lights, camera bags, computers, phones, etc. I’m looking for the best candidate, and that ultimately comes first as the site has to maintain its integrity. My goal is to build as diverse a team as possible. Most important to this position is lots of experience and photography knowledge.

Our ideal candidate will be a great team player and also follow these guidelines. FYI, this is a part-time position.


– Ideally, you’ll know how to use WordPress. Other apps that we use are Trello, Gmail for work, and Grammarly. We use the Gutenberg version of WordPress.

– Strong command of the English language; the American dialect and spelling are mandatory. Being able to create enticing leads and headlines will really convince us.

– Show me writing samples that are ideally related. And if you don’t have any, then create something that you’d see on our site.

– The Phoblographer champions its ethics and has since day one. We refuse to work with Unsplash and believe that creators should be compensated ethically. And we’re also looking for someone with high moral and ethical standards. We understand that you’re younger and more green, so we’ll teach you.

– Must have industry technical knowledge. We’re talking about more than just apertures and shutter speeds. You also need a working knowledge of lighting, posing, filters, etc. You’ll need to be able to demonstrate it too.

– Review output varies. But in an ideal world, I’d say one or two articles a week. I’m taking a more significant step back into reviews. Reviews are between 750 and 2500 words typically. This is a freelance job. No one on staff (except for me) needs to work more than 8 to 12 hours a week. Mental health is vital to us. If you’re working longer than that, then you’re doing something very wrong. We’ve had people waste a lot of time before unnecessarily, and we’re not looking for that. The site treats its workers very well, and we expect the same in return.

– Must be able to meet deadlines and have open communication. If you’re going to be late on pieces, just know that you’re going to throw off an entire process. You should do the basic courtesy of letting me know. I’m not a monster. I just believe in fairness.

– Must work well with a team and be able to take guidance (sometimes constructive criticism) well.

– You’ll have a trial period of three months. If you’re applying for this job and an internship, you must show that you’ll be receiving college credit for it. We’ll also pay you, of course!

– Monetary payments are made through PayPal, QuickPay, Venmo, Bank Transfer, or check. Everyone is paid, on average, no more than 24 hours after submitting an invoice. The Phoblographer is well known for fair and honest compensation amongst the photography blogging world.

– We have a very serious non-compete policy.

– You must be based in the US. That’s mandatory.

How to Apply

Skip the resume and send an impressive cover letter to chrisgampat@thephoblographer.com, citing all the best stuff you’ve done, talking about how you fulfill the requirements to be part of the team, along with three writing samples demonstrating that you can do the type of work we’re looking for. Links to your website, portfolio, and writing samples should be included.

Be sure to make the subject line say your name and the position you’re going for. For example, Chris Gampat: Vintage Camera Writer Position.

After your application is received, it will be reviewed by me. Good luck to all applicants!

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.