AI Body Tracking Opens Up a Whole New World for Photographers

Recently, we discussed AI body tracking in cameras and how it’s going to change things.

It’s easy for people to sit there and complain about AI taking their jobs. For photography, it’s making so many things easier for us. But we need to learn to rise above as human. The most important part of the camera is still the person behind it. So it’s your job to use the tools you’re given to create better photos. This is a totally different way of thinking. For example, AI Body tracking is in cameras. It’s bound to come to more. And we discussed that in our recent episode of Pro Camera Reviews.

In This Episode:

AI Body Tracking Opens Up a Whole New World for Photographers

Cameras have things like face and eye detection. But a lot of work has been done to also do body tracking. In some ways, camera systems already do this. But it’s going to get even more advanced It’s also going to become a lot more prevalent. Chris and Brett will talk about how this is going to affect photography going forward. And they’ll also discuss the idea of the camera doing all the work vs the photographer.

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