How Soon Could AI Make the Photographer Obsolete?

On the next episode of Pro Camera Reviews, we’re discussing AI and body tracking technology in cameras.

We’re aware that this is a bit extreme. But, it’s surely possible that AI is going to majorly change the way we do things. AI Body Tracking is sort of here already, but it’s going to explode in a huge way soon. Eventually, you’re going to be able to rely on the camera to do almost everything. But at what point are you just pushing a button? We’re discussing that in our next episode of Pro Camera Reviews.

On the Next Episode

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AI Body Tracking Is Coming to Cameras in a Bigger Way: Cameras have things like face and eye detection. But a lot of work has been done to also do body tracking. In some ways, camera systems already do this. But it’s going to get even more advanced It’s also going to become a lot more prevalent. Chris and Brett will talk about how this is going to affect photography going forward. And they’ll also discuss the idea of the camera doing all the work vs the photographer.

First Impressions- Sony a1: We finally have it in our hands. Sony’s new, do it all camera, the Sony a1. Sony really broke the mold with this camera, and the listed specs rightfully wowed photographers everywhere. The Sony a1 is the company’s new flagship camera that’s designed to crush the incredibly impressive Canon EOS R5. We’ve been able to play around with the camera for a couple of days, and we’re ready to share our first impressions with you guys and gals. Will the camera wow us off the bat like the list of specs did, or will we find out that it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. Join us on this week’s Pro Camera Reviews to find out.

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