OM Digital Solutions Are Going To Wow Us. Here’s What We Want To See

OM Digital Solutions only has one shot at getting this right.

Since officially taking over the Olympus, OM Digital Solutions have been a little on the quiet side. A new website has been launched, and a few interviews have been given. Apart from these things, there hasn’t been a lot to write home about, until now. In another recent interview, an OM Digital Solutions exec said that the company plans to wow everyone. What could this mean? After the break, we’ll break down what products we want to see going forward with this ‘WOW’ factor.

4/3 Rumors came across an interview that was given to AreaDot. In the interview, Mr. Kataoka, the Chief Technology Officer of OM Digital Solutions, stated that there will be a new series of products that will, yep, you guessed it, ‘wow’ us. To be honest, it has been a long time since we have been wowed by an Olympus branded product. Their cameras and lenses are great, but they have been standing still for years from a tech standpoint. The new products aren’t expected until at least 2021. That’s okay, though. I’d rather OM Digital Solutions takes their time to get this right. They probably only have one chance to win back their followers’ confidence and generate new interest in their products. So, what do we want to see from Olympus going forward? Let’s talk about that.

New OM Digital Solutions Sensor Tech

This is an obvious one. Photographers and fans of Micro Four Thirds have been calling for new sensors for years. Even Olympus’s latest cameras use sensors that are now 6 years old. It’s not a good look. Especially when other platforms have moved on in significant ways. Do we need to see more than 20MP in a new sensor? Not necessarily, though I’m sure we will. Speculation suggests a 32MP sensor is incoming. This adds up as 8K video specs have been discussed too. Whatever happens, we’d just like to either see stacked sensors or BSI sensors that will be able to help the cameras overcome their shortfalls, such as low levels of dynamic range and noise control at higher ISO settings.

Get Yourself Connected

OM Digital Solutions has a chance to get ahead of the pack by introducing cameras that are connected. Yes, it’s time for Wi-Fi and 5G enabled cameras. We’ve recently talked about how many photographers just use their phones because of convenience. Pictures can be taken, edited, and posted online in minutes. The ability to do this must come to dedicated cameras if they want the masses to buy cameras again. If anyone has the potential to make this work, it’s OM Digital Solutions. Drop the custom software from your cameras. Move to an open-source platform like Android. Load the camera up with apps, allow it to get online, and boom. You’ll start encouraging smartphone photographers to pick up a camera again. While you’re at it, use this time to redesign your menu system, okay? Thanks.

Focus, Focus, Focus

OM Digital Solutions

Some significant strides have been made with autofocus systems in Olympus cameras. However, there’s still a long way to go. AI tracking, like the system that can be found in the EM1X, is great. That needs to become the norm. Still, big improvements are needed overall. 121 autofocus points are not enough anymore. This 121 point AF system has been in place for about the same amount of time as the now tired sensors. Give us an updated autofocus system that can match Canon and Sony. Especially if you’re still bent on making yourselves the go-to company for wildlife and birding. Make it so that your cameras are capable of blackout-free shooting during high burst rates. Yes, this will mean you’ll finally have to update the EVF’s you use too. I know you can do it OM Digital Solutions.

Update Old Products and Bring On the New OM Digital Solutions Lines

OM Digital Solutions

We’ve said it before; we’ll say it again. It’s time for the Pen F II. Olympus was so close to having the perfect camera with the original Pen F. OM Digital Solutions, update it with the new AF system we talked about. Give it weather sealing, make it online capable, and keep the gorgeous retro looks. You’ll have a winner. Guaranteed. It’s time for a new pro-grade EM1X as well. The EM1X again was close to being the ultimate tool for sports and birding. It was let down by poor autofocus performance (though it did get better with updates). If you want to break into that ultra-competitive market, your best foot must go forward. You have the lenses. Now you just need to bring the cameras up to speed.

Lots has been said in regards to OM Digital Solutions and the video market too. We’re almost sure an 8K capable camera will be coming out. Whether or not that will be the E-M1 IV or a new product remains to be seen. There has even been talk of a new line of drones with Micro Four Thirds sensors. These would certainly fit into the video category too.

OM Digital Solutions

Whatever comes our way, it will have to wow, and it will have to be priced right. Current pricing on Micro Four Thirds cameras is too high. Especially for the amount of tech they lack compared with their competitors. It will be interesting to see just what OM Digital Solutions think ‘WOW’ products look like. What do you want to see in new cameras from OM Digital Solutions? What would they have to do to make you consider joining them? Let us know in the comment section below.

Brett Day

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