You’d Never Guess What Cameras We’re Using for Fun

In Pro Camera Reviews, we recently discussed what cameras we use for fun.

We test cameras every month. But there are some that really, truly stand out to us more than others. These are the ones that we jive with. They’re our favorites. And specifically, we use them for fun. Being a professional camera tester isn’t easy, but we continue to love photography. So when we just want to have a bit of fun, we use a few key cameras. In this latest episode of Pro Camera Reviews, we show you what we’re smitten with right now.

In This Episode:

A Closer Look at the Cameras We Use for Fun

We get to test, use, and review lots of different cameras and lenses here at The Phoblographer. And while it may look like fun, it’s hard work. We’re analyzing and focused on the camera more so than the fun side of photography. We do all of this on top of our own professional photoshoots too. How do we unwind from doing what we do and what cameras do we use in our personal lives for fun? Join us on our live show to see what members of the review team use when we want to go out and just have fun with photography. You might be surprised by our choices.

On the Next Episode

Which Do You Prefer? Modern Lenses or Vintage Glass? Last week we had a great discussion about our favorite cameras to use for fun. As great as cameras are though, we all know they are nothing without lenses. Today, many photographers prefer to use modern lenses on their cameras because of the lenses’ ability to create blemish-free images, while some photographers prefer to use vintage glass to create unique images. Join us as we talk about our favorite lenses to use on our personal cameras. We’ll also talk about some of our favorite lenses from the past year.

Is the Sigma 35mm f2 DG DN Contemporary Worth It?: We’ve spent the last month or so testing the Sigma 35mm f2 DG DN Contemporary lens. This is Sigma’s third 35mm lens and their most affordable of the bunch. While being stuck mostly inside with the pandemic, we found ways to be creative with the lens. We’re going to talk about our findings with the L mount version of the lens. And in the end, we’re going to decide whether or not it’s right for you. Will this be your next 35mm lens?

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