Samsung’s Making a Big 600MP Phone Sensor. Are Cameras Doomed?

Smartphone cameras - Note 10+

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We’ve already seen the destruction that has been left in the wake of smartphone cameras. Still, it seems that Samsung wants to inflict more damage on an industry it used to be a part of. We love being able to carry capable cameras in our pockets at all times. Still, we wonder just how much longer it will be until Smartphones outperform dedicated cameras. If news of a 600MP phone sensor from Samsung turns out to be true, it might be sooner than you think. Let’s talk about this.

A recent post on TNW talks about a possible 600MP phone sensor from Samsung. We’ve already seen phone sensors hitting 108 Megapixels. There’s even noise being made about a 192 Megapixel sensor that could launch in 2021. It will likely be a long while before a 600MP phone sensor is available to the public. However, this doesn’t mean it won’t happen. In fact, according to one Twitter user, the sensor is already being worked on.

The 600MP Phone Sensor Is Happening

Quite how Samsung will get this 600MP phone sensor to work is anyone’s guess. The biggest sensor (in terms of physical size) used in a phone has been the PureView from Nokia. That was a 1/1.2 sensor, and it took up just under half the phone. Still, we’ll never say never simply because of the rapid rate at which technology is advancing. However, as we questioned above, just how long will it be before Smartphones completely replace dedicated cameras?

600MP Phone Sensor
The Nokia 1020 with the huge 42MP PureView sensor

For the vast majority of people, that time has already come. The smartphone camera has destroyed much of the camera market that catered to casual photographers. Long gone are the days of the masses buying a dedicated point and shoot. Now, most consumers won’t even look at entry-level DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras. Smartphone cameras have simply become too good and are much more convenient and easier to use. AI takes all the guesswork out of capturing images. Being able to instantly share images to social media is also a fatal blow to the once-thriving camera market.

Will Dedicated Cameras Survive?

Will smartphone cameras ever fully replace dedicated cameras? It’s doubtful. One thing that dedicated cameras will always excel at is image quality. Not so much because of the sensors, but because of the lenses. You could argue that the much bigger sensors in cameras will always dominate the smaller phone sensors. However, any shortcomings in small sensors will be negated by AI. No, it’s the lenses that will create the divide between Smartphone cameras and dedicated cameras. Smartphone manufacturers are doing a good job by including multiple lenses on their phones, but they will never be able to compete with bigger glass.

Smartphone cameras - Note 10+

Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung have done a good job at replicating what dedicated cameras can do. However, if camera manufacturers want to stop the industry’s destruction, they need to look at smartphones too. It’s time for better touchscreens, better user interfaces, and wireless connectivity with instant network sharing. Add these features into cameras, and you’ll find that consumers might choose a Mirrorless ILC instead of their phones.

What do you think about the potential 600MP phone sensor? Do you think we’ll reach a point where Smartphones wipe out dedicated cameras entirely? Let us know in the comment section below.

Brett Day

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