The Perils of Social Media and How Stupid Photographers Ruin It

In Pro Camera Reviews, we recently discussed the perils of social media.

Rants on social media aren’t something we stray away from. And particularly when companies encourage folks to endanger their lives, we take offense. That’s just what Brett found with a camera company recently. We discussed more in a recent episode of Pro Camera Reviews.

The Perils of Social Media in This Episode

The Perils Of Social Media For Photographers: Social media has been both a blessing and a curse for photographers. On the one hand, platforms like Instagram and Facebook have allowed photographers to grow their brands and increase their success. On the other hand, these platforms make many feel like they need to be more outrageous than ever before to be seen and noticed. Join us as we talk about social media’s perils and how it seems to have removed common sense from the photography world.

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