A Great Guide for Street Noobs: Essentials of Street Photography Review

If you’re like me and you’re new to street photography, The Essentials of Street Photography guide is an eye-opener that you need to read.

I have long admired photographers who can effortlessly hit the streets and capture the world around them. Even though I consider myself an outgoing guy, street photography has always induced feelings of fear. Am I going to get yelled at? Will someone threaten me? How do I approach someone? All of these questions race through my head, and I know they race through other photographer’s heads too. Capturing candids of people going about their daily lives is a lot harder than it sounds. So, when I had the opportunity to read The Essentials of Street Photography, I jumped at the chance. It’s really quite amazing what you can learn just by picking up a simple book. Is this street photography guide right for you? Find out in our essentials review.

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First of all, I have to say it was nice to make time to read a book. We get so caught up in TV, games, and social media that we often forget how nice it can be to just be in a quiet room with a book (or an eBook in this case). Normally when reviewing items, or tutorials, we go into the review having a background of using like items or products. However, this time I was completely in the dark. I have never really tried my hand at street photography, nor have I ever read a book or taken a class in it. So, for me, this was going to hopefully be an eye-opening experience. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed The Essentials of Street Photography.

How the Essentials of Street Photography Is Broken Down

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After you make the purchase (it’s just $14.95), you’ll be presented with your download. The guide will come to you in two separate PDF files. The guide’s first part is a series of interviews with street photographers who have made a career out of the art. The second part of the guide is filled with hints and tips. After going through the guide, you’ll quickly understand why people love this art form. You’ll appreciate just how much work goes into it. You’ll also come away with ideas on how to get over your own fears so that you can enjoy street photography too.

Street Photography Conversations

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The first part of The Essentials of Street Photography is a book filled with a series of interviews. In all, eight photographers share their stories on how and why they got involved in street photography. All the interviews feature questions from James Maher and really make the individuals dig deep. I have to say that all of the photographers explain and express their feelings well. I find it incredibly interesting to find out why people do what they do, so this part of the bundle was excellent for me.

Figure Out the Why and How about Street Photography

Not only do the photographers explain why they fell in love with street photography, but they also explain their styles. They talk about gear. How they shoot (from the hip, zone focusing, etc.), what they look for, and what street photography is to them. I always felt this genre was about capturing others’ lives, but it’s so much deeper than that.

I found it interesting that the photographers talked about street photography being a reflection of their own feelings and thoughts. It’s less about what the subjects may be thinking, feeling, or showing. The Street Photography Conversations book offers a fascinating look inside the minds of established and respected street photographers. You’ll find that it will make you appreciate this art form more than ever before. At 96 pages long, this eBook is an easy read. The book will motivate you and will make you think about the genre differently. This is always a good thing.

A 21st Century Guide to Capturing the Streets

If you want to improve your skills as a street photographer, The Essentials of Street Photography provides plenty of tips. This eBook is longer than the first part, but it is written in a way to not overwhelm you. You’ll find a neatly organized book that is in logical order. You’ll also find that each section is concise and to the point, and I like that. There’s just the right amount of information in each section to keep you engaged, and the information it contains is excellent.

As Easy As One, Two, Three

The guide is broken down into three main sections. First is the concept of street photography. The second part is called technical issues, and the third section is all about editing. In all, there are 31 chapters. As mentioned above, the chapters are short, but they pack a ton of excellent information. In chapter one, you’ll learn about how to get over your fears. You’ll learn about the meaning of street photography. Themes and projects, candid vs. posed shots, ethics and laws, and how to photograph people on the streets are all covered. In all, section one contains eleven chapters that will give you a solid understanding of what street photography is and isn’t and how you can shoot it the right way.

Master Techniques and Learn How to Tell a Story

Section two covers everything from gear to camera settings and shooting from the hip to zone focusing. If you’re up in the air about whether to use primes vs. zooms. If you need to learn how to hold your camera and compose, chapter two is for you. You’ll also learn how to keep a low profile and how to shoot street photography at night. The twelve chapters in part two will give you the knowledge needed to capture images in many different ways.

Section three is all about editing. It goes into pretty good detail about shooting in black and white and how to color correct your images. You’ll learn about when you should add grain to your images. There are even tips about how to write about your work too. This will come in handy when you want to start your own blog. It will even help when it comes to captioning your images on social media. There’s really too much to cover in this short review. Still, just know that you’ll understand street photography and how you can get started after reading these eBooks. Just about every aspect of street photography I felt I needed to learn about is covered in this book.


I haven’t been out to shoot since reading these eBooks. Still, I can tell you that I’m eager to put into practice what I have learned. Reading about the eight photographers in the first eBook, and learning about how they overcame their fears was inspiring. Reading about techniques in the second eBook makes me want to pick up my camera and practice. If you’re interested in street photography but have reservations or just don’t know where to start, The Essentials of Street Photography eBooks are a must-have – especially at just $14.95.

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