The Panasonic G100 Is an Oddity of a Camera and Missing a Big Thing

In Pro Camera Reviews, we recently discussed the new Panasonic G100.

In some ways, the new Panasonic G100 feels like the odd man out. There’s a whole lot going for it, but they missed the ball in some ways. This camera is designed mostly for the vlogger, and it features some innovative things for that audience. But for photographers, we’re scratching our heads a bit. For example, they got rid of the in-body image stabilization: a difficult thing to justify. We discuss more in our latest episode of Pro Camera Reviews.

The Panasonic G100 in This Episode

The Panasonic G100: Somewhat of an Oddball Camera: There’s no denying that Panasonic has been focusing heavily on its newer Full-Frame Lumix platform than its Micro Four Thirds offerings over the last couple of years. The company’s push into the Full-Frame arena with the L Mount alliance has seen the M4/3 platform pushed out of the limelight. However, a new M4/3 camera did hit the streets this year. The Panasonic G100 is somewhat of an oddball camera that’s designed to capture the hearts of videographers and hybrid content creators. Does it have what it takes to compete with other cameras in its price range? Find out as we offer our thoughts about it.

Panasonic G100 Image Samples

On the Next Episode

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There Are Too Many Good Cameras and Not Enough Excellent Ones: Everyone has been asking for cheaper cameras. They complain about why cameras are so expensive. But as readers have noticed, all these camera reviews sound the same. And there’s great reasons for that. The Reviews team at The Phoblographer will discuss this in-depth. We’ll take a look at various camera systems and even their lenses. There’s too much choice right now on the camera market, and the saturation is making it very difficult for consumers to make a better buying decision. Further, all the cameras are way too similar. Brett and Chris will discuss this in-depth and analyze what can be eliminated.

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