This Zorki Rangefinder Has the Heart of a Panasonic XS1

This Zorki rangefinder frankencamera would undoubtedly turn some heads.

The level of innovation, vision, and skills of craftsmen and craftswomen never ceases to amaze us. While browsing the web recently, we came across an incredibly unique Zorki Rangefinder camera that will certainly get some attention. Zorki cameras are 35mm Soviet-era Rangefinder cameras that are copies of Leica cameras. The particular Zorki we are talking about will already grab the attention of passers-by because of its bronze finish, but its digital heart will wow even more. Let’s talk about it after the break.

Let’s talk a little about this most unusual mashup of old and new. Zorki rangefinders were manufactured between 1948 and 1978 in the Soviet Union. From the front, the Zorki that has been used for this frankencamera looks like a bad replica of a Leica IIIf. The Zorki featured a large combined viewfinder with the rangefinder built-in. it also had a removable back and a Jupiter-8 (lens) (Zeiss Sonnar copy) lens.

The Digital Zorki Rangefinder

Zorki Rangefinder

A quick glance would lead you to believe your fellow photographer was shooting a roll of film. However, move around the back, and you’ll find the LCD and controls from a Panasonic XS1. The Panasonic XS1 was a 16-megapixel point and shoot that hit the market right before sales of point and shoot cameras tanked. You can actually still buy the Panasonic XS1 new for $249.99. Alongside the 16.1-megapixel sensor, you will get a 5x optical zoom, 8x Intelligent Zoom, and Mega O.I.S. The display is a 2.7″ LCD Screen. You’ll also find an intelligent auto mode, a venus engine, 720p Motion JPEG Video, and Sonic Speed autofocus.

How Much Will the Digital Zorki Cost?

According to the listing on Leboncoin (a French sales website), the camera is perfectly functional except for the flash. If you buy the digital Zorki, you’ll also get the charging cord, a mini SD card, and a dedicated manual. This would certainly be a unique camera to add to your collection. We’re sure it would be fun to play with too. If you wanted it as a display object, well, it would spark up some conversations. The camera is listed for 225 Euro’s, which, when converted to USD, is $264.41. Not too shabby considering the Panasonic XS1 cost this much new. At this price, you’ll be getting a unique camera body to use. Who knows how much time that was put into this project as well. It’s a frankencamera bargain. Do analog to digital mashups like this interest you? Let us know in the comment section below.

All images used from Leboncoin