Why Do You Think Camera Manufacturers Aren’t Truly Innovating?

Camera manufacturers aren’t innovating at the pace they should be.

Camera manufacturers have lost the tech game. They’re not really considered big tech anymore, and they’re not doing anything truly exciting. It’s evident in many ways, but the most evident way is with consumer spending. Most folks have no reason to buy a new camera. Even more folks don’t have reasons to buy an actual camera at all. So why have one? Well, we’re wondering the same thing, and we discussed it on our latest episode of Pro Camera Reviews.

In This Episode

Why Aren’t Camera Manufacturers Truly Innovating? Speculation about a new 90MP Canon EOS R5s hit the internet this week, and while this is interesting, one has to wonder just how much longer the megapixel wars between camera manufacturers will go on. More megapixels are great, but it seems as though this is all camera makers are focusing on these days. When it comes to new innovations, all seems quiet. When will we see Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, and the rest introduce new features that really get the heart racing again? Have we reached peak camera in 2020? Join us as we discuss the unconfirmed but certainly plausible Canon EOS R5s and what new technologies we would like to see in cameras that can drive them forward. Megapixels alone aren’t doing it.

On the Next Episode

Canon RF 800mm F11 IS STM First Impressions: A couple of months ago, Canon created a stir when they launched the EOS R5 and EOS R6. At the same time, Canon also launched a few new lenses as well. Two lenses, in particular, grabbed all the attention. The Canon RF 800mm f11 IS STM and the 600mm variant. These super-telephoto primes were quickly ridiculed for the relatively slow f11 aperture. However, they might just turn out to be an ace up Canon’s sleeve. We have been testing the RF 800mm f11 for close to two weeks now, and our first impressions are pretty good. Join us as we discuss this lens and share some sample images.

Taking Cityscapes with Manual Lenses: In this sponsored segment by Samyang, we’re going to discuss how manual focus lenses are great tools for being more creative. Specifically, we’re targeting the travel and city-dwelling photographer. Walk around at night and it’s easy for you to mindlessly capture photos. But when you manually focus, you put more effort into the shot. You’re being a lot more conscious of what happens before you push the shutter. The whole process is less automated. The result is less photos, but better photos. There’s no need to go through a whole ton of them later on. and manual focus lenses can make you a better shooter overall.

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