Tonight! Why You Only Need Three Small Prime Lenses and Nothing Else!

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If you’re looking for a fun time while staying safe, we strongly recommend that you tune in for Pro Camera Reviews. It’s a weekly show where the staff tackles a couple of issues in the Photo World. They mostly pertain to cameras and lenses, but sometimes things get a bit more serious. This is partly because we still feel that we need to be educators and leaders in this space. Additionally, we also need to be responsible. Episodes are done on Zoom and are recorded. They’re then shared on YouTube. We recommend that you subscribe to us on Youtube to keep up.

In The Next Episode

Why All You Need are Three Small Prime Lenses: In this segment sponsored by Samyang, we’re going to go over our obsession with small primes. The classic masters only needed these lenses. And if you’re a Sony FE camera user, Samyang has a few that could appeal to you. We’re going to go over three of our favorites in this segment.

What We Want in the Sony a7s III: Sony’s new cameras of late have been mere incremental updates, and they haven’t shown the levels of innovation were used to seeing, but we now know that Sony has been hard at work behind the scenes putting together an ‘all new’ a7s III. The new Sony a7s III has been redesigned from the ground up, and will apparently push technological boundaries with features that have not been seen in Mirrorless cameras before. Sony’s faithful are expecting big things from the a7s III, and to stay ahead of the pack, Sony needs to deliver. Join us as we talk about the new Sony a7s III, why it’s so important to Sony and what we think this camera will need to bring to the table to succeed.

Fujifilm 16-80mm f4 R WR OIS Review: For a long time, the only standard zooms for Fujifilm X mount shooters covering wide to medium telephoto focal lengths were the 16-55mm f2.8 R LM WR and the 18-55mm f2.8-4 R LM OIS. You either had to pick weather resistance and a bright, constant maximum aperture, or sacrifice them in favor of optical image stabilization and variable maximum aperture. This all changes with the Fujifilm XF 16-80mm f4 R OIS WR. This new standard zoom lens features both weather sealing and optical image stabilization while covering an even longer focal range. It also has a constant maximum aperture as well, albeit at just f4. Is the Fujifilm XF 16-80mm f4 R OIS WR the new wide to medium telephoto standard zoom to beat for Fujifilm X mount? Join us on the next episode of The Phoblographer’s Pro Camera Reviews as we discuss everything about the Fujifilm XF 16-80mm f4 R OIS WR.

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Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.