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The Fujifilm X100V is an excellent camera and nearly perfect in comparison to many others out there.

The Fujifilm X100V is one of the hottest cameras this year. And we’ve finished our long-form written review. But, if you want to see the video and hear more candid thoughts, you should know that the gang and I talked about it recently on Pro Camera Reviews. So, we’ve pulled that specific segment and have it for you below. You should totally join us every Sunday night. Please register here.

The Fujifilm X100v is an excellent camera. The image quality and autofocus especially are great. Plus, you can take it out in the rain once you’ve put a UV filter on the front. Sure, it makes the camera a bit larger, but we also wonder why they didn’t just seal the lens to begin with. In fact, that’s a bit part of what we discuss in our review. Otherwise, though, you’re going to love the Fujifilm X100V, especially at the price point. You’re getting one of the best cameras you can reach for on the market right now in this segment.

From our review:


  • Feels good in the hand
  • Focuses quickly but the all wide tracking needs a revamp
  • Beautiful overall
  • We like this new ISO dial
  • So simple to use
  • Image quality is nice so far
  • Built in ND filter option
  • With the right tweaks the autofocus can be very good for street. We recommend tweaking the tracking sensitivity and using a specific spot set to the largest area and in the center. Then AF-C Mode.
  • We are finding autofocus with the OVF to be faster than with the EVF
  • Touchscreen focusing is wonderful in protests
  • At $1,349, it’s very worth it


  • Battery life drains too fast
  • Could use a leatherette grip and not this plastic-fantastic stuff
  • Exposure compensation dial needs a lock button
  • Touchscreen menu is needed
  • Maybe even a few more Fn buttons
  • Viewfinder diopter adjustment doesn’t lock
  • When you set the camera to viewfinder only for shooting and LCD for playback, the menu system works only in the viewfinder
  • There are situations where Image Stabilization would really benefit this camera due to the quick “hit and run” style of shooting
  • LCD needs to adapt to lighting automatically
  • Autofocus suffers in very low lighting and in zone setting. You need to use the focus point setting otherwise. This is where Canon and Sony are ahead still.

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