Tobias Hägg Uses a Drone to Make the Oceans Look Ever So Stunning

All photos by Tobias Hägg. Used with permission.

In much of the impressive landscape photography set by the ocean that we have featured, we were given a front-row seat to stunning scenes from the shoreline. The work invited us to see roaring waves and dreamy seasides as if we were there ourselves, or reimagine them entirely. Stockholm-based Tobias Hägg’s approach, however, is about showcasing the unpredictable and sometimes frightening beauty of the ocean from above. The result is Our Oceans, a breathtaking abstract series illustrating beautiful hues and textures that can only be seen from a drone’s perspective.

Hägg finds the ocean not only “unpredictable in its beauty” but also “Majestic, frightening but at the same time playful and inviting.” This is what likely inspired him to capture it from above, where we can see its dramatic “patterns in the deep blue” and how its structure shifts on the surface. From the seemingly calm ripples of the deep parts to the foamy chaos of the waves crashing on the shore, his series is a stunning portrait of the beauty and power of nature itself. While it’s not the first time we’re seeing aerial views of the ocean, Our Oceans is definitely comprises some of the most captivating captures from this view.

“The deep blue water separates continents, people, and cultures. Creates a barrier between us, but ties us together by its streams, making us part of the same world,” Hägg wrote in the series description. This illustrates the idea that these visual wonders surround us from all corners of the world.

If you’re a landscape photographer looking to do something new with your craft, we’re sure this series will inspire you to give aerial photography a try. The ocean, of course, is a perfect subject for this, as the series also proves.

Visit Tobias Hägg‘s website and Behance portfolio for more of his outstanding landscape and aerial photography.