Discussion: What’s Legal vs What’s Ethical in Street Photography

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On Sunday, June 7th

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  • High-Speed Sync in Flash Photography: The staff uses this method pretty often. So we’re going to go over how to do it, when you’d use it, and how it can make your images so much better. In a world where everyone tries to do everything in Photoshop or Lightroom, we’re showing that you can be a photographer first and foremost and an editor later.
  • Ethics in Street Photography: We’re discussing what’s legal vs. what’s ethical when it comes to street photography, especially when documenting protests. This is a boiling issue right now, it deserves a lot of attention.
  • JPEG or RAW: What’s the benefit of one over the other? We’re going to discuss why you’d shoot RAW and why you’d shoot JPEG. Lots of folks think that there’s no point in ever shooting a JPEG. But you’d be amazingly wrong.

This episode is going to be very fun! We’re talking about a few more advanced things here, and we’re going to geek out quite a bit. Most importantly, this episode is really about tackling a few ethical issues. Each segment is in some ways connected to this. There’s the obvious ones with street photography and the idea of documentary porn. But then we’re tackling the very toxic culture of thinking that one always needs to shoot in RAW all the time when, in all honesty, it’s your camera and your images–so you should do what you want. Sure there are benefits, especially when it comes to high ISO shooting. But let’s discuss! Then there’s the idea of what makes a photographer with high-speed sync shooting. EIC Chris Gampat has often talked about what his opinion is with editing and such. So please join us for these conversations.

Chris Gampat

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