Photography Cheat Sheet: Tips for Choosing the Right Camera

Choosing a new camera can be confusing, but this simple photography cheat sheet may help narrow the options.

Whether you’re in need of a new camera to finally get into photography, or upgrade to a better model, you may face a bit of a challenge choosing from all the options out there. We shared a couple of guides to help with this in the past and we’re adding one more for good measure. With today’s photography cheat sheet, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices on the kind of camera to go for.

The flow chart below, by Curated Life Studio, aims to streamline the process of choosing a camera, especially for those just starting out with photography. It should be helpful for those looking to upgrade their current camera (say, a smartphone to an actual, dedicated camera) but aren’t sure which kind to go for. At least after finding out which kind would be best for you after going through this list, you can proceed to narrow down your research to different brands and models.

Among the considerations outlined by the flow chart are weight or space restrictions, level of required learning, battery life, investment, and social media sharing. If you’re a total beginner and want something lightweight and easy just for sharing on social media or with your family, congratulations, your smartphone will do! But of course, that depends if its camera takes photos that are good enough for you. If not, you can always grab a digital compact camera instead.

Following the flow chart, you may also learn that it’s time for you to go ahead and invest in that DSLR camera you were eyeing, especially if your goal in the long run is to make a living as a photographer. Otherwise, Mirrorless cameras, also known as a hybrid cameras, will be great for becoming acquainted with important techniques like shooting in manual mode. There are budget options for both types of cameras, so don’t worry so much about purchasing top of the line models straight away.

After going over this flow chart, we also suggest checking out these cheat sheets for choosing a camera based on your photography style and buying your first digital camera.

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