Photography Cheat Sheet: Choosing the Right Camera for Your Style

Have you figured out what kind of photography you want to do, but not the camera you want to shoot with? This photography cheat sheet should help.

We’ve featured a number of photography cheat sheets that help budding photographers choose their first camera. We’re adding another to the list today, this time with a different approach: picking a camera based on the genre of photography you want to shoot. If you want to simplify your options or simply can’t decide from all the choices out there, this cheat sheet has some suggestions on where you can begin.

The photography cheat sheet below is actually part of a tutorial by Page Cloud on starting a photography business. You might not be thinking that far ahead yet, but the suggestions below should still help you narrow down your choices based on the photography you want to specialize in. Each type of photography comes with its own requirements for the best results, so the guide also noted some must-haves, like lenses and functions, that you’d want to use with the camera of your choice. Action photography, for example, requires having good image stabilization and high FPS. For portraits, you’d want to use prime lenses with a large aperture. And you’re best getting a camera with high megapixel count and a wide-angle lens (either zoom or prime) for landscapes.

This approach may best help you if you’re looking for recommendations on specific camera models instead of plowing through everything that’s available out there as part of your research. The cheat sheet also provides some recommendations based on your budget, which can be helpful if you’re shopping around.

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