Camera Hunting? This Cheat Sheet Will Help You Pick One

Still haven’t figured out which camera is best for you? We found a neat cheat sheet that could help.

So, you’ve decided to take photography more seriously and finally get yourself a new camera. What you haven’t decided on, however, is the exact camera to get for the kind of photography you want to do. Well, we think this nifty cheat sheet we found will be able to help you pick at least the kind of camera to get. Hopefully, from there, you’ll be able to narrow down your search.

In the flowchart infographic below created by Optics Central, the journey to choosing the best camera to get begins with you identifying first what you want to shoot. This is really important, especially if you’re looking into doing a specific genre of photography more often than others. So, if you’re ready with that, go ahead and scroll down to get started.

So, following the flowchart, your choices should help narrow down the options for you. So, if you’re planning to be a commercial photographer, especially if you’re keen on working in a studio, a DSLR would be your best bet, as it will give you the best photo quality. However, if you travel a lot, your choices could be narrowed down to either a mirrorless camera or a weatherproof camera. It depends on whether you plan to shoot more outdoor scenes where some weather sealing is necessary, or you simply want to shoot more lifestyle or street photos during your drips.

The cheat sheet also recommends compact point-and-shoot cameras for those who want simple controls for shooting family events and weekend travels. It may be surprising to some to see it on the list, but a smartphone camera is most likely enough for those who simply want to share photos of their trips, parties, and daily happenings on social media.

But what if you’re still exploring different genres and figuring out what you want to shoot more of? Revisit this cheat sheet later to help you decide if a change in gear is in order.


Infographic from the Optics Central Camera Guide