Get Inspired to Shoot Cine Film With the Best SILBERSALZ35 Snaps of 2019

We’re thrilled about the latest news and the selection of the best SILBERSALZ35 photos recently shared by the folks of Silbersalz Film.

Some time has passed since we broke the news about the SILBERSALZ35 cine films, so we were excited when the folks of Silbersalz Film got in touch with us to share their latest. If you’ve seen some of their sample images from our news post and have been interested in trying out the films, we have a bunch more for you to satisfy your curiosity.

“SILBERSALZ35 went crazy the last year,” Silbersalz Film duo Thomas Bergmann and Kyrill Ahlvers Kyrill first told us in their email, and proceeded with what kept them on their toes. They kept improving their processes, opened a motion picture lab, and recently launched the second version of SILBERSALZ35. “We’ll finally have properly spooled metal cartridges that include DX-Code!”

The Silbersalz folks also shared with us a compilation of the best photos they received from 2019. If you’ve been curious about the kinds of photos you’ll get from the SILBERSALZ35, we’re sure this selection will give you some ideas. If your shots made it to the cut, we commend you for a great job. You ought to be proud of yourself!

Hearing about the SILBERSALZ35 films for the first time? As mentioned in our report, they are essentially various Kodak movie film emulsions at different ISOs and white balance configurations, sold as a pack. When you’re done shooting your rolls, you ship them back to Germany for developing using ECN-2, which is the true cinematic film developing process. In this process, the films are not modified by removing the Remjet layer to allow for C41 processing. This makes the SILBERSAL35 collection the pure, unadulterated KODAK VISION 3 film from which many cinematic masterpieces are made.

Check out the SILBERSALZ35 website to find out more and grab some of their cine films.