Fujifilm Announces New Full Frame Downgrade Program for GF Cameras

Fujifilm GF Lenses could possibly be the sharpest things in front of full-frame sensors. 

For years now, Fujifilm has been saying they’d never go Full-Frame. And, well, they’re mostly sticking to their word. Today, the company announced that photographers who purchase the GFX with a lens can downgrade their cameras to a Full-Frame X Trans sensor for $200 more. The service works by filling out a service inquiry with the company’s repair service. From there, you mail the camera to their New Jersey-based facility where they’ll convert the sensor. In an interview, Fujifilm told us that customers should expect to receive their cameras back within 14 business days. But given how many photographers will want to jump on this, it could take even longer.

When you send your Fujifilm GFX camera in, the camera will also be equipped with a modified firmware update to give the full-frame sensor the appropriate level of autofocus points. We’re expecting the autofocus performance to be nowhere near as fast as the Sony a9 II but somewhere between Canon and Nikon’s Mirrorless options. Given that the GF lenses are already pretty big, there’s a lot of glass to move.

Perhaps most incredible is the extra service the company is offering. For an extra $80/month, Fujifilm is giving customers a real-smell experience. When shooting with the Pro Negative simulation, photographers will get a “real smell” simulation boost. You’ll be able to smell dem tones, so to speak.

Editor’s Note: This is an April Fool’s Joke. Chill.

Chris Gampat

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