Luminar 4.2 Adds Enhanced AI Features For Composite Skies, Portraits

Skylum continues to add more AI features to its popular photo editing software with the new Luminar 4.2 update.

Skylum has been making waves since they released their AI-based photo editor, Luminar 4. It has caused something of a divide between photographers as it rides a line between being an excellent basic photo editor, and a digital content creation platform that can effortlessly alter photos and blur the lines between what is real and what is not. Whether you love it or hate it, one can’t deny the power of the software, and now the Luminar 4.2 update has added even more AI-powered features to the software. Join us after the break for all the details.

The Lumina 4.2 update brings a whole host of new features that Skylum says will help photographers create incredible digital art. The latest update, which will be available to download today, features a new AI Augmented Sky tool, which lets photographers transform and manipulate their images to create unique digital art. There are some new portrait tools too that will help remove hotspots and fix over or underexposed areas of the skin.

Dima Sytnyk who is the co-founder and Cheif ProductOofficer of Skylum said: “We’re really excited to see how photographers use the AI Augmented Sky to create digital works of art”. “AI Augmented Sky can be used to make everything from subtle tweaks, like moving the moon in the sky, or to totally transform the world around us. The possibilities are endless!”

Improved AI Augmented Sky Tool

Lumina 4.2

The new sky tool makes it easy for users to insert different objects into the sky with realistic-looking results. According to Skylum, the update and it’s new features offers the perfect way to improve a landscape or travel photo with natural beauty. The update will also allow you to get creative and transform an image into something straight out of a fairy tale.

The new AI Augmented Sky tool detects a photo’s sky automatically and adds the chosen element to the sky. The content-aware abilities of the software take foreground objects into account automatically, and will then blend the selected object naturally with the sky. If you wish, you can drop and drag the element around the sky, and the software will take care of the rest.

Luminar 4.2 Enhanced Portrait Tools

Lumina 4.2

The update also brings new AI features that will help portrait photographers too. Luminar 4.2 adds new tools that will help you restore skin in overly shiny areas as well as more effectively slim faces.

The new Face Detection Neural Network algorithms allow Luminar 4.2 to automate enhancing portraits, which should save the user time. The new AI technology has been programmed to detect different faces in all sorts of positions, and will account for head tilts, unusual angles, badly lit or partially hidden faces, and even faces with heavy makeup. It can detect people of any hue of skin or age, as well as spotting all the faces in a group photo.

In the AI Skin Enhancement tool, you’ll find a new option for Shine Removal. This new tool will help you remove hotspots on your subject’s forehead or cheeks. The software works by restoring the skin on the patches of the face that were hit with excessive light. Once selected, Luminar 4.2 automatically generates realistic-looking skin, which then blends in with the rest of the face. The Slim Face 2.0 tool now allows the photo editor to slim all parts of the face instead of just the bottom half which was leading to unrealistic results.

Behind The Scenes Updates

Lumina 4.2

There are other updates in Luminar 4.2 as well that affect other tools and overall performance. Located behind the scenes of the new AI Sky Replacement tool is an improved algorithm for Relight Scene technology. In previous versions of Luminar, AI Sky Replacement gave a yellow and unrealistic glow on white objects. The new coding solves this problem, and it stops from software from altering colors. Improvements have also been made to ML Cache, which will increase the efficiency and speed of interaction with your computer’s processor.

Windows users also have various other updates specific to the platform, including preview preset multithreading, which allows multi-core systems, to generate previews faster. There’s also new support for third-party plugins. Now you can use popular plugins like Aurora HDR, the DxO Nik Collection family, and Topaz plugins. If you use Luminar, be sure to upgrade to Luminar 4.2. For more information head on over to the official Skylum Luminar website.

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