And the Winner of Our Landscape Photography Contest with Tamron Is…

We’ve selected a winner for our Landscape photography contest!

As the Editor in Chief of this website, I sincerely want to thank everyone who entered our landscape photography competition. In the final days of the contest, I started going through the images and fell in love with a lot of them. Many of the photos taken were positively breathtaking, and many of you are incredibly talented. My final choice goes to Instagram user @kincaid_kreation_photography, proving that Instagram is more about an algorithm than just having solid work. Our winner doesn’t have the largest following, but considering the quality of the work, they should. This image is mesmerizing and one can get lost in it. From the beautiful night sky to the seaside view, I can imagine myself in serenity there, by a beachside fire, sitting on a log. It’s a stunning photo. Please contact me at chrisgampat{at}thephoblographer(dot)com and I’ll arrange the lens to be shipped to you. Furthermore, we’ll also interview you about your work. If you don’t respond, we’ll select another winner.

A big thanks again to everyone who participated. Stay tuned, we’re going to be doing more contests.