Steve McCurry Launches Two Virtual Photography Exhibits on YouTube

Whether you’re a Steve McCurry fan or want to get into documentary photography, these virtual exhibits will surely inspire you.

Steve McCurry is a photographer that often needs no introduction. But, chances are photography enthusiasts and beginners have only ever heard about him from his iconic “Afghan Girl” photo. The portrait of a girl with piercing green eyes, however, isn’t his only masterpiece. Today, we bring a couple of slideshows — or virtual exhibits, as they are called in the videos — showcasing some of his most outstanding works that depict food and reading. If you’re craving some photography inspiration, you’ve come to the right post!

Food and reading are two of the most relatable and universal themes that effectively show our humanity, and Steve McCurry’s collections bring us some fascinating perspectives on the topics. While they show everyday, seemingly ordinary scenes, the photos also provide us with an intimate view of food and reading as personal and communal activities.

In both virtual exhibits, McCurry’s style of getting up close and personal to the subjects and scenes he photographs stands out. It’s nothing short of inspiring to see people from all over the world and from different walks of life enjoy reading, whether as a solitary activity or part of a group learning experience. Likewise, with his food photos, we see a great variety of scenes that involve food and eating, which make the collection a dynamic portrayal of something easily relatable to all of us.

The virtual exhibits also serve as effective primers to McCurry’s esteemed work. If you’re just starting to dive into his photography and don’t know where to begin following the “Afghan Girl,” we’re sure these slideshows were of great help to you. Looks like Steve McCurry’s studio is gearing up to make more of these curated collections, so we suggest checking out the official Steve McCurry Studios YouTube Channel, Steve McCurry’s website, and blog and be on the lookout for the next themed virtual exhibits!

Screenshot image from the video