New Elinchrom ELC 125, ELC 500 Studio Flashes are Smart and Affordable

The new, smart Elinchrom studio flashes can adapt to your shooting style and stay cool no matter what you’re doing.

One name that is synonymous with studio flashes and lighting gear is Elinchrom. For years, Elinchrom has been producing high-quality lighting, and their new offerings, the ELC 125 and the ELC 500, should be no different. These new studio flashes are smart, tough, adaptable, and surprisingly affordable. Join us after the break for all the details.

With the new Elinchrom ELC 125 and the ELC 500 studio flashes, Elinchrom is inviting photographers to get out of their comfort zones. According to Elinchrom, their new studio flashes have been designed to handle creative adventures, and their ELC studio flashes deliver maximum reliability, extended lifetime, and enhanced usability.


Both the ELC 125 and the ELC 500 feature TTL and HSS functionality, have wide power ranges from very low (7Ws) to very high, and offer Precise color accuracy over the whole power range. You’re also going to have access to: a bright modeling lamp (3000 Lumens at 5700K ); Smart Pro-Active Cooling, which makes the ELC light learn your shooting style and adapt its cooling cycle to you; and group color indicators, which will make these lights even easier to use.


As you should expect with Elinchrom lights, it sounds like the build quality will be top-notch. The new, robust, metal, two-way tilt-head should ensure that these lights last a long time. For those familiar with Elinchrom lights, you’ll be pleased to know these two studio flashes also feature a cantered umbrella fitting.

Both of the new studio flashes sport large, easy to read displays on the back of the units, and both lights can be triggered with Elinchrom’s SkyPort radio system. The new Elinchrom are available for order now, and you’ll be pleased to know that these two lights are very affordable.


The ELC 125 will cost just $619, and it comes with a two-year warranty and a 6.2-inch reflector, while the ELC 500 will cost $899 with the same reflector and warranty included with the ELC 125. Of course, that affordability comes at the cost of having no battery pack; so, they’re more ideal for studios than location work. For more information about the lights (including videos of them in action) head to the official Elinchrom website. You can also go directly to their product page here.