ShutterWatches Uniquely Combine Camera Shutters with Pocket Watches

If you’re both a watch lover and a vintage camera collector, ShutterWatches combines these two passions into unique Compur shutter timepieces!

When you’re an ardent collector of anything vintage, you’re bound to have some overlapping interests. When these come together in one item, the result can be both beautiful and very cool. It’s not surprising to find, for example, some vintage-inspired items that will tickle the fancy of photographers who also shoot film on the side. The coolest we’ve found so far are these handmade pocket watches by ShutterWatches that are guaranteed to make one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

The Etsy shop by Danny Vigor showcases handmade/bespoke pocket watches made using Compur shutters and other materials like aluminum, brass, and glass. For the unfamiliar, camera-wiki tells us that Compur is a long-lived series of leaf shutters for large format cameras produced by German company F. Deckel, beginning in 1912. With Vigor’s craftsmanship, these historic shutters get a new lease on life as unique timepieces for photographers. If you’re a fan or collector of gorgeous watches or anything vintage, you’ll definitely have a hard time picking just one!

The Compur timepieces, as Vigor wrote on the descriptions are designed to maintain an old-world vintage analog charm and draws inspiration from retro touches like aviator gauges and working compass and thermometers. “If desired the shutter can hide or reveal the watch (set to alternate in opening and closing when the shutter is released). While the shutter maintains its character the watch movement is a reliable quartz movement. Fully functional and designed to be carried in pants pocket connecting to a belt loop or can be used as a display piece. Comes in a wooden display box.”

Interested in owning one of these awesome Compur shutter pocket watches? Check out ShutterWatches on Etsy to find out more about each timepiece and get yourself one (or two).

Photos from ShutterWatches on Etsy