VSCO Recreates Discontinued Fujifilm T64 Tungsten Film

Fans of the popular Film X presets have a new look to experiment with as VSCO has recently dropped the new FT6 preset. 

Looking for a new preset to tinker with on VSCO? Now would be a good time to sign up as a member; the app just dropped their latest Film X preset. Say hello to the FT6, a recreation of Fujifilm’s discontinued Fujichrome T64 tungsten film. If you’re looking for relaxing blue hues and cool tones, this could be a preset to try.

The FT6, according to VSCO, revives the “classic, cool tones” of the discontinued Fujichrome T64. In fact, the “T” in its name reflects the original film’s purpose to balance the tungsten-lit scenes from street lamps and commercial studios. It adds “smooth, blue-tinted auras” to offset the orange and yellow tones characteristic of tungsten light. To complete the look, the preset also comes with a low-contrast tone that preserves shadow details. These qualities, they say, are “perfect for both dim city nights and soft, overcast days,” even if there’s no tungsten light around.

VSCO also suggests using this new premium preset to create a mellow daytime look for scenes like snowy days or coastal fog. It will lend “creamy, seafoam green and blue tones.” It’s also possible to create an interesting day-to-night effect by underexposing the capture or decreasing the exposure to darken a photo. The result is a moody, cinematic look reminiscent of a moonlit night. Scenes with defined shadows and compositional layers are best for this effect.

Ready to edit your snaps with this latest Film X preset? Check out the VSCO journal announcement for more tips on how to get the best results with the FT6, or sign up as a VSCO member to get access to this Fujichrome T64-inspired Film X preset.

Screenshot image from VSCO Journal