VSCO Recreates Discontinued Fujifilm T64 Tungsten Film

Fans of the popular Film X presets have a new look to experiment with as VSCO has recently dropped the new FT6 preset. 

Looking for a new preset to tinker with on VSCO? Now would be a good time to sign up as a member; the app just dropped their latest Film X preset. Say hello to the FT6, a recreation of Fujifilm’s discontinued Fujichrome T64 tungsten film. If you’re looking for relaxing blue hues and cool tones, this could be a preset to try.

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VSCO Announces Kodak Portra 400NC Film X Preset

Fans of Kodak Portra 400NC may be delighted to find that the popular emulsion’s look is now on VSCO.

Attention, VSCO users! If you’re a fan of the photo editing app’s film simulations, you might want to check out their latest addition. The company just introduced the Kodak Portra 400NC (KP5) preset for those who want to give their digital snaps the dreamy natural tones of the popular film.

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VSCO and iPhone Don’t Replace Film, and This is Why

Shooting with film is a personal experience, and it’s nothing VSCO and other film emulators and smartphones can ever replace.

With life going on faster than I would have preferred, I often find myself turning to my iPhone SE and VSCO in the hopes of squeezing in a bit of photography practice in between commutes, ideation meetings, video shoots, and actual writing for work. I mostly use my iPhone because it and I are attached at the hip so it literally takes just a second for me to snap a photo of whatever tickles my fancy anytime. And to me, VSCO is the best in emulating that grainy, washed-out film look that I prefer over the sharpness of digital. I’ve tried lots of different apps over the years and I just find myself going back to it.

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VSCO Introduces New Borders Tool for VSCO X Members

Screenshot image from the video by VSCO

If you’ve been manually editing colored borders to your photos before uploading them to Instagram (or anywhere else), here’s something up your alley. VSCO has just introduced their new Borders tool, which you can exclusively access if you’ve signed up for VSCO X membership.

Existing users who love playing with color combinations and framing their images with colors will especially find the new Borders tool enticing. If full access to the app’s complete preset library, enhanced editing tools, film emulation technology, and curated content weren’t enough to get you to sign up for a VSCO X membership, this new tool (as well as early access to upcoming features) might interest you enough to start a free 7-day trial. If you find you like the full selection of presets and features, the membership will cost you $19.99 per year.

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Review: VSCO Mobile Presets for Lightroom

Arguably, VSCO’s mobile presets are perhaps the most popular options as opposed to the company’s film packs. Perhaps that’s why they brought them to Adobe Lightroom recently. The presets are a number of the company’s best products and have been casually slapped onto images all across the web for years now. But for a while, the company seemed to target the film presets at the desktop based crowd via Lightroom and the mobile presets at perhaps the less serious crowd via the phone. Years have gone by and now we’re starting to see the worlds sort of crash into one another.

So if you’re a VSCO preset user and you’re a big fan of the app on your phone, you may be blown away by this.

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Is VSCO the New Instagram for Photographers?

If you’re a photographer and you’ve been using Instagram for a long time, then you’re probably sick of it unless you’re in the very small percentage of folks who are actual photographers and not something else. What do I mean by that? It’s no secret that the biggest accounts aren’t those of actual photographers. Instead, Instagram is just a portal to the lives of other people. It isn’t really about the photography, but there are platforms that are.

Arguably, the most famous of these is VSCO.

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VSCO Teases New Features Coming to Their App

If you’re a VSCO user, then you should be aware that a number of new changes are coming to the app soon. The company released a video, which is after the jump, noting a number of big new gestures that will dominate how the app works. Essentially, it’s going to take some muscle memory to figure it all out.

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VSCO Adds Localized Language Support to VSCO Cam

vsco localized support

When you use VSCO Cam, chances are you don’t really pay attention to the words. Once you know where the various sections are, it becomes muscle memory. It’s telling that in the editing suite, you see icons first before you see the text label (Exposure, Contrast, Sharpness and so on). Initially, VSCO Cam heavily relied on those icons to get the point across as it was, and is, a visually-oriented app, but as the app and its ecosystem grew, it needed to have more text. All of that text to date has been in English, which can be rough going for many of the app’s users, 80% of which are outside of the United States.

With that in mind, VSCO Cam is introducing localized support for iOS. Support for Android is on its way in several weeks. The initial rollout is small, but considerable with support for 10 languages: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. These ten (Chinese counts for two) are just the start. The plan is to have as wide a reach as possible. The Android update will bring those ten as well as Dutch, Italian Malay, and Thai.

The iOS update is available today.

Review: VSCO Film 07 – Eclectic Films (LR)

Kodak Ektar 25 Warm

Kodak Ektar 25 Warm

In the pantheon of film emulation software, the first name you probably think of VSCO, and for good reason. VSCOCam is one of the most popular editing apps for iOS and Android, and for Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop users, they’ve got a line of film packs that, up until this point, have offered well-known and oft-used films. Now, they have Film 07 – Eclectic Films, a ragtag collection of clean-looking presets. There are well over 100 presets across 18 films, some color, some black-and-white, and some tungsten-balanced. The company bills them as ideal for “portraits, night photography, and architecture,” but they’re good for more than that.

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VSCO Goes Off the Beaten Path with Film 07 – Eclectic Films

Fuji T64

Fuji T64

VSCO’s got a new batch of presets for the 7th iteration of its film emulation software for Lightroom, and the results are decidedly eclectic. There are 17 films that come with VSCO Film 07 – Eclectic Films: 10 color films (Agfa, Fuji, Kodak), 3 black & white (Ilford, Kodak), and 4 Tungsten (Fuji, Kodak). We managed to get an early look at this latest installment, and the films are largely a thing of the past. That is to say, they don’t exist anymore, but VSCO’s managed to keep them alive in digital form.

A complete list of films and sample images are available after the jump. A comprehensive review is in the works.

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Review: VSCO Cam 4.0 for iPad


Chris Gampat The Phoblographer VSCO for iPad (1 of 1)ISO 2001-50 sec at f - 4.5

VSCO has made waves on iOS and Android for its smooth interface and impressive array of film-like filters, most of which are available in affordable bundles in the store. With its 4.0 update last week, VSCO Cam just got a lot bigger for folks on iOS 8. The app is now available on iPad, a substantial step up from its iPhone counterpart. The device upgrade also comes with the announcement of VSCO Journal, a publishing platform for longer projects. Think of it as an expanded VSCO Grid. Of course, since it’s just been released, we’ve only had so much time to use it, so here’s our first impressions.

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The VSCO Artist Initiative is a $1,000,000 Pot for Artists

julius motal vsco artist initiative

VSCO has $1,000,000 in its Artist Initiative, a scholarship fund for artistic projects across platforms. The fund, announced earlier this year,  is ten times higher now than it was when it was announced. This is due in large part to a $40 million investment, according to Fast Company.

While anyone could potentially apply, VSCO urges anyone interested to download VSCO Cam if they haven’t already. People should then upload their work to VSCO Grid, the company’s in-app social network that coexists with Instagram, rather than competes with it. After getting involved with the community, you can then apply for a portion of the pot with a project that is both unique and relevant, and should you win, you’ll have to then document it via VSCO Grid.

Since announcing the Initiative, VSCO’s only given the green light to a handful of projects, despite receiving well over a thousand applications. On the landing page for the Initiative, VSCO lists four requirements:

  1. The project has the potential for positive social and artistic impact.
  2. The project is unique and interesting.
  3. The budget is reasonable.
  4. The applicant displays passion, initiative and creativity.

It’s an admirable effort to foster creativity in a field where funding is often hard to come by, not that VSCO’s scholarship fund is easy to obtain. Yet, if you’ve got a project worth doing, and VSCO’s in line with your vision, then head on over to the page and apply.

VSCO Film Pack 05 is Here, Featuring Even More Emulsions That Make Hipsters Happy

Agfa Vista 800 Cool (Image courtesy of VSCO)

Agfa Vista 800 Cool (Image courtesy of VSCO)

The Visual Supply Co, short VSCO, has made it a habit to regularly update their series of film simulation presets for Adobe Lightroom, ACR and Photoshop. What began with Film Pack 01 and a number of then current-production film emulsions such as Fujifilm 400H, Kodak Portra 800 or Ilford HP5+ now comprises a total of five issues that cover both color and b&w negative film emulsions, slide film emulsion and even a couple of Instant films.

With Film Pack 05, VSCO now introduces a set of what they call ‘archetype consumer films’, that is lower-end emulsions that you’d typically find in a huge discount bin in your local supermarket. The collection comprises emulsions such as the classic Kodak Gold 100, the cheap and cheerful Agfa Vista series, and Fujifilm’s legendary Neopan 400, whose death we mourned not long ago.

VSCO Film Pack 05 is now available in the VSCO store for either Lightroom 5 or ACR and Photoshop (CS6 & CC), and is currently on discount. For a limited time–two weeks, to be exactly, until March 11th–you can get the collection at the reduced price of US-$ 89.25. After that, it’ll be back up to its regular price of US-$ 119, just like VSCO’s other products. A detailed description of the contents of each VSCO Film Pack can be found here.

How to Edit a Photo in VSCO Cam


Image taken from Chris Gampat’s VSCO Grid.

With VSCO Cam recently opening its doors to the Android world, lots of new users have joined but not everyone (even iOS users) know how to use the app. There is a lot more that you can do than just apply some beautiful filters. Indeed, your images can be  massaged to become beautiful showcases.

In this post, we’re going to show you a quick guide to what all the terminology means.

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VSCO Cam Releases New Presets and Bundle


Since recently coming to Android, many staffers here have been smitten with VSCO Cam. The popular app from the company that creates arguably the best vintage-film presets for Lightroom and Photoshop released new preset collections yesterday along with a bundle that lets you snag them all at a more affordable price.

Many of the new presets are bundled in the company’s new Contemporary Collection bundle. For $2.99, you can snag the Analog/Archetype, New Modern/Lights, Polychrome Summer, and Polychrome Winter sets. Beyond this, there is the revived Legacy Collection: which includes the original 10 VSCO presets. With all fairness though, the company’s newer formulas are much better and have improved on their previous work. The Legacy Collection is available for $1.99 while all the other presets announced recently will cost $0.99.

While folks may love Instagram, VSCO is really the app that many of us have been waiting for on the Android system. When a total novices tries to use the app, they quickly realize that they need to learn exactly what saturation is amongst other things. Therefore, it returns the technical side back to the technical folks–we just pray that they also have the creative eye for composition as well.

Android Users Rejoice: VSCO Cam Has Been Released

My First Image with VSCO Cam

My First Image with VSCO Cam

Yes, let it sink in a little. VSCO has been out for iOS for some time now. Android users, like myself, have been jealous. As of today, however, you can download VSCO Cam for Android free from the Google Play Store. There are additional in-app purchases and ten presets and editing tools to help you with creativity. Along with all this, VSCO Grid is also available through the VSCO Cam app. VSCO Grid is an online gallery to help photographers display their work on their mobile devices.

For those of you not familiar with what VSCO is to begin with, it is an app that offers filters that are of much better quality than Instagram’s. It isn’t really a competitor, but the service has its own social networking structure. Think of it almost like the best of Instagram and Hipstamatic.

VSCO has extra samples on their website.

Via Android Community

Review: VSCO Film Pack 04 for Lightroom

vscofilm_04_LR_45-pid29Visual Supply Co. is a brand that’s really making a name for itself in the image editing arena lately. Between their fantastic plugins for Lightroom, Aperture and Adobe Camera Raw, and their VSCO Cam app for iOS (and soon Android devices), they have a pretty substantial audience of amateur and professional photographers alike. Visual Supply Co.’s latest release is the VSCO Film Pack 04, which emulates popular slide (transparency) films from decades since past. However, they have chosen fairly “modern” film stocks from Agfa, Fujifilm, and Kodak for this pack, which leaves room for some classic stocks such as the famed Kodachrome line in the future. I had a chance to spend some time with VSCO 04 (already being a big fan of 01, 02, 03, and VSCO Cam), and I wanted to share my findings with you all. Continue reading…