Platyball Is Today’s Most Innovative Tripod Head Accessory

Platyball is a new tripod head accessory that promises to make things a lot easier and change the way we shoot.

Tripod head designs have been mostly the same with only some minor improvements here and there. But, a new contraption gears up to change the way we see and work with tripods. Meet the Platyball, the latest from the company that brought us the Platypod flat tripod base. If you’re looking into a tripod head upgrade, this could be right up your alley.

The Platyball, which comes in Elite and Ergo models, is certainly unlike any of the tripod heads currently on the market, building upon its promise to transform photography as next level tripod heads. “The day will come when tripod heads will have no protruding knobs. Instead, they will have uncanny leveling systems, single-handed ergonomics with a sleek and elegant design. That day is here,” the Platyball claims on its Kickstarter campaign. Looks like it’s indeed turning heads; it has already reached well over its $18,000 funding goal with 59 days to go.

It’s easy to see the appeal of this new accessory with all the features and innovations packed. The creators of Platyball took the classic tripod head design and literally turned it upside down to come up with an inverted design, with the panning head above and the pedestal beneath. This makes sure photographers don’t go off-axis when panning. The Arca twist locking collar with 360-degree indicator and one-touch controls make it easy to set up and allow for single-hand ergonomic handling.

The scarlet-clad Elite model also has a bi-directional electronic level indicator which is more accurate than bubble levels and can be calibrated with your camera’s level. The LED-based indicator is powered by a single A23 alkaline battery and has three brightness levels for shooting whatever time of the day. These features are especially helpful for shooting at night and in low-light conditions; no more fumbling about with your tripod setup.

The grey-colored Ergo is simply the Elite minus the LED level indicator, making it a slimmer option for using with in-camera levels.

Both Platyball models sport forged and machined aluminum, unibody construction with internal steel components and durable polymer brake pads. They are also designed with heavy-duty revolutionary mechanisms that allow them to support up to 22 lbs. Both are also glove-friendly so you can shoot with ease even in cold weather.

Sounds like the tripod upgrade you need? You can grab the Platyball Ergo for $199 and the Elite for $249. But in the next 10 hours or so, you can also grab them with the Platypod Ultra for $219 and $269 respectively, and get your Platyball two months earlier. Head to the Kickstarter campaign now to find out more and make your pledge.