Photography Cheat Sheet: Camera Bag Essentials

Going on an adventure with your precious gear? This photography cheat sheet will tell you what should never go missing from your camera bag!

Whether you’re heading out of town, or braving the great outdoors, it pays to be prepared with what you take in your camera bag. Apart from your gear and other essentials, there’s a bunch of stuff you should take with you. If you’re not quite sure yet, let today’s photography cheat sheet be your handy guide.

The photography cheat sheet below, put together by CanvasPop, is meant to equip beginner photographers with the necessary know-how on packing their camera bags. This is important, as it can mean both keeping their gear safe and also getting the winning shots.

The cheat sheet is divided into three parts; the essentials, the precautions, and the extras. The first part, as the term suggests, is comprised of your go-to camera and lens, plus one or two lenses that can come in handy for the type of photography you’re doing. If you’re shooting landscapes, long exposures, or low-light photography, you might as well bring a tripod, too. Don’t forget to bring some extra batteries and extra memory cards (or film, if you dabble in that): you’ll never know when you’d run out of batteries and need more space during your shoot.

As for precautions, it’s best to have these items handy in case of inclement weather or low-light situations. Keep a bunch of resealable bags to place your cameras and lenses, and garbage bags to cover your camera bag in case it rains. You may not need the garbage bags if your camera bag or backpack comes with a rain cover. It will also help to bring with you some microfiber cloths or towels to wipe your camera and lens dry of any stray showers. For low-light situations, use flash to get a clear image and prevent motion blur or grain. A flashlight, meanwhile, will help you see your gear and surroundings at night, especially when you’re doing some astrophotography in a remote location.

Lastly, the extras. These aren’t necessities but will most likely help you in many situations. So, if your bag is roomy enough, consider bringing along your smartphone (of course), pen and notepad for making notes, some tape for potential gear issues, water to keep you hydrated, and some business cards in case you’ll be traveling somewhere you may meet potential clients.

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