Shutterstock Total Global Contributor Earnings Surpass $1 Billion

Shutterstock recently announced the total payout for over 1 million contributors across the globe has not only reached, but surpassed $1 billion in 2018.

Members of Shutterstock’s contributor community will be excited about today’s big news. The earnings of over 1 million artists, photographers, videographers, and musicians across the globe since 2004 surpassed a total of $1 billion. This figure is backed by the latest Contributor Earnings Report the company recently dropped.

The 2018 Contributor Earnings Report shows an overview of payout by region, the high-growth countries that received significant portions of the earnings, as well as some of the contributors who helped make this milestone possible. The company’s community is scattered across Shutterstock, Shutterstock Editorial, Shutterstock Custom, Bigstock, Offset, and PremiumBeat, and have produced more than 300 million images, 16 million videos, and 24 million music tracks. In an era where entities take advantage of content creators and give away their works for free, this is big news.

According to the company, more than six images are downloaded every second, and every content licensed through the platform earns money for the contributor behind it. Currently, the platform services 1.9 million customers around the world, “ranging from Fortune 500 brands to the mom and pop coffee shop on the corner.”

Aside from putting together the report, Shutterstock is also celebrating the milestone by increasing the contributor commission for new customer referrals beginning today. With this, contributors will get a 50% commission on all net new customers referred within 30 days.

Does that make you want to be part of the company’s contributor community? An in-app contributor registration for both iOS and Android has recently been launched, with the goal of making the process easier. The contributor side of the website and the mobile apps are now available in 21 languages, while the contributor portfolio page was also upgraded to enable users to showcase their images and videos in one place.

Check out Shutterstock’s Contributor Earnings Report here to find out more about this great news.